key in the ignition

by creamsikkle

the two people who I am primarily writing to, congrats, the site is finally up and running. I know you guys won’t have all the time in the world to just sit around and edit these stories, but try to get on once and a while and give me some advice. I’ll probably eventually have different blogs for each different story, and you can check everyone of them — except; “things unessential to your survival.” You can reply any way you want to except for email. I can send the document in doubled spaced format to your facebook, so that you can text in different colored texts to edit if. You don’t have to go through and edit it completely, you can comment with a short response, like things to change, something that you like/don’t like, or thoughts about the characters, plot, setting, general idea, ect. Thanks so much for all the support and inspiration to person 1 (you know who you are) and to person 2, i can’t wait to see your amazing editing (CROP QV-ing) skills. Thanks again!

mindkandy signing out