Forever Forgotten Character Descriptions

by creamsikkle

Everrett – Male; 15

Bleached messy blonde hair, almost covering his pale green eyes the color of the Caribbean sea. He wears a pale green T-Shirt with the numbers 360 on it, under a faded olive-green sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up, accompanied by worn down Levi jeans, blue rinse, covered in patches where holes were sown up. So basically, his look at first glance is a teenage hobo. Aside from his clothing, his personality is likable. He has a knack for trouble, is bold, determined, brave – but not strong. He’s rather skinny, but not as thin as Charlie. He fights with a letter opener , which is about 6 inches long and made of sterling silver. However, his weapon is also used to shove peanut-butter down his throat 24-7, and still not quite satisfying his fetish for the creamy snack.

Jade (Ruby) – Female; 16

Her brown hair the color of milk chocolate stop slightly below her shoulders, which stops slightly below her shoulders, is gathered together and draped in front of her right should. Her long bangs fall to the right, framing her fragile, pale diamond face and pursed lips, along with her hazel eyes that hide behind her foggy glasses. She is the smart one in the bunch, and is very talented with using her surroundings to her advantage in all situations. She yields no particular weapon, because she never received much training in the subject of battle-field skills or combat. She prefers to “defend” (beet mercilessly) herself with random household objects if threatened. She is specifically dangerous when armed with a lamp, stapler, chair or kitchen tongs.She has mad poker skills, dances in the rain, and is the original owner of the peach-tree.

Charlie – Male; 15

Charlie is tall and skinny with sky blue eyes and jet black hair, that is just a smidge shorter than Macs’. His clothing attire mostly consists of darker colors, preferably black and red. He’s never been caught without his yellow bandana, which belonged to his frail sister who died of sickness during the earlier, more violent war. He specializes in mechanics and firearms, given how his father rode motorcycles and owned many cars. He enjoys tree climbing and running , considering he is very fast and nimble. He and Mac were friends when they were younger, and lived in the same village. They also escaped together when it was raided, and ended up with Jade, who was caring for David.

Mac – Male; 16

This stealthy individual has a deep shade of maroon for his hair, due to a slight mix up in the bathroom ‘potions’. His eyes are glazed black, which adds to his dark, night-like personality. He used to live at the mountain house, and was friends with Jade, until he was offered power by the mysterious Chae (pronounced Chay), and betrayed them. However, 2 years later he returns having become bored serving with the enemy, and returns to his more relaxing and comfy life with Jade and the rest of the kids. Mac prefers the darker setting no-matter what, which is how he received the nickname Nokx (Nox) because of his unexplainable nocturnal nature. He claims to fight better in the shadows of the night, and instead of relying on his sight, he uses his hearing to seek out the enemy. Due to his experience in battle, amazing combat skills and technique, he makes the perfect ally, and the most terrifying enemy.