Forever Forgotten -Explaining the Game [part 1]

by creamsikkle

FOREVER FORGOTTEN — Explaining The Game [Part 1]

The game isn’t a game. It’s your life, and it’s on the line. Everything’s on the line; your friends, family, anyone and anything you love – anything precious is in danger. For us, it’s a way of living, and after you’ve lost everything and can’t lose anything else – the only way to go is up.

When I was 3 months old, my mother and father put me up for adoption, and by that, I mean they dumped me in an orphanage. I stayed there for 3 years, until one night, a huge fire burnt down the whole building to a crisp. My ‘home’ was now a mere pile of ashes, that blew away with the wind. I was badly burned, even after being protected by the older children, so i was shipped off to a hospital. There was one horrible problem though, they didn’t know my name. All the files had been destroyed in the fire, so eventually I was forgotten. I sat all alone in my plain room, in that dreadful hospital, for 4 years, and no one came for me. No friends, family, foster moms, no one knew of my existence. After 3 more years of rotting in that hospital, locked away from the world – I left. I just walked out of the front double doors, and started down the sidewalk. I had never even considered what was going to happen to me. All I knew, was that I wanted to die after I had seen the outside world.

I became friends with a girl, Hope (ironically), a prostitute, who worked at the corner near the park that I now slept in. We talked to each-other, and we understood one-another. We became — in a sense — inseparable. Of course, her coworkers were concerned for her being so ‘distracted’, seeing that money was so hard to come by these days. Then one day, she wasn’t at the corner like she usually was. The next day she was missing again. On the third day of her absence, I went to the apartment building that she shared with her co-workers.

I discovered that Hope had fallen ill, so ill, that she was unable to work. Since she couldn’t work, she couldn’t like in the house, and so when I left, they made her go along with me. I tried my best to care for her, but she became more weak and fragile with every moment. She would always smile, and show her teeth, saying “I’m fine, nothing to worry about”, when we both knew she didn’t have much time left. She kept pushing and pushing, and was so brave through it all, until one day, she could no longer pretend to be strong. She died crying, apologizing about how much trouble she had been, and how she wasn’t worth all the fuss. She took my hand and told me to never give up, and keep going. To learn from every mistake, and that my life was a blessing. She then asked one last favor, for me to stay with her until she passed, and hum her favorite song. I did what she asked.

I went to the bank and withdrew the money that she had earned. She said she was saving it to use to go back to school, but insisted that if anything happened, what was hers was mine. I figure that Hope would have wanted me to have it. I can just picture her scolding me if I ever tried to give up on anything: “You can’t just sit there! c’mon, keep walking, don’t give up!” And let me tell you that’s exactly what I did. I walked all the way to the Virginia mountains, until I found what I thought was a deserted house, all alone, on a green and golden field, halfway up a hillside.

Turns out, it was full of kids, like a mini colony, but in one house, and no-one was over the age of 20. Only a few were actually blood related, but they all called each other brother and sister. The 3 oldest ones in charge were Charlie, a 15-year-old boy, Ruby (or Jade, she is referred to by both) a girl who was also 15, and David, a boy, only 13 years old. Most were between the ages of 8 and 12, but some were younger.

They told me about their way of life…’a game’, if you will, that they played. They said they needed more players to win the game, and that I was their missing piece they had been searching for.

One day, Ruby came back to the house with a boy; Mat. He was bleeding, and bruised all over. Even though I couldn’t see them all, I could tell there were more by the way he “walked” through the hall and up the stairs. After Charlie and Ruby took him upstairs, and locked him in a small room, I didn’t see him for days. Finally they brought me upstairs to see him. They asked questions, but he didn’t reply with a straight answer. He did start to talk thought, eventually, and i actually started to think to myself… why don’t I give this “game” a try?