Forever Forgotten – Explaining the Game [part 2]

by creamsikkle

The game is like a giant competition for power. The last one standing wins, and rules the arena. Everyone can play the game, but almost no one plays by the rules. You can fight with a blade, or any sort of other weapon, and your can motives for fighting don’t matter. If you have a certain amount of followers, you can start your own force, but you must always have a deputy. More or less, it’s a fight for survival. Betrayal is rather regular, but friendships are also present. You can’t kill anyone under the age of 13, or harm them in any way, however you can hold them hostage. Under no circumstances should anyone EVER attack a pregnant woman or girl. {AN- the population is decreasing quickly, and average life spans are short, so early pregnancies are common and not necessarily frown upon.}

Virginia Mountain House (where our Mai charters live)
Abandoned Gas Station (a common meeting place for players)
Tree Houses of Beechridge (where the beech-tree alliance members live)
6 Forks stretch (also known as 5 points, another popular meeting place, with supply stores and a bar)
The BeechTree(the mot sacred place for all the members of the beach tree alliance. It’s where all the souls of the fallen gather and speak to those who are alive.)
Crabtree Valley Mall (the old mall, which serves for an alternative hide out)
Lochmore Drive (the street where the child was shot, which s the thing that triggered the war.)
Radius (including the Reese and the jungle)(a Seder place that ruby goes when she feels sad. Charlie also visits this place once, and doesn’t know what it is.)
The Basement (where Mac was taken and tortured for information about the whereabouts of ruby.