How it’s gonna go down…

by creamsikkle

It will probably go somehow like this:
-I begin writing some story in my notebook
-I finish a day later, and then type it up that day or the day after that, and post it here on wordpress.
-I will wait for comments, and while you both are ‘editing’ I will be busy typing a different story.
-When I check back, hopefully there will be suggestions within the comments. (HINT-HINT)
-I will then post the new story that I have just completed, and then check the comments made about the previous one.
-using the comments, I can go back again and re-edit the story. When I’m finished, I will post it as draft 2: (ex; Forever Forgotten — A Stormy Night [Draft 1], becomes; Forever Forgotten — A Stormy Night [Draft 2].)
Please keep in mind that I will type up things exactly as they are written in my notebooks, which have NOT been proofread. There probably are many mistakes, and things that need improvement, which will receive attention in the next draft.
Also, I would like to ask the two people that i have asked to edit these sections to not reveal their identities to the other, (if that makes sense). I just don’t want there to be anything between anyone that could interfere with the task of editing…that didn’t really get the point I was trying to get across…maybe I should just give up writing and become an inventor…TT___TT SIGH anyway, I feel like you both can really help me improve, and I want (AND NEED) that improvement. If there are any other people…out there…reading this…i would really appreciate it if you would just leave a comment saying that you’ve read it. it doesn’t have to be a sentence even, you could just put a number between 1 and 10, or just write hate/love or something in-between.

mindkandy, signing out