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Month: August, 2011

Impossible Reality

As I passed Charlie’s room, I noticed the door was cracked, so I paused and took a peek (1).
Mac was kneeling beside the sick boy, who was currently to ill to stand. Mac hadn’t left his side for two days straight now (2). The maroon haired teen was gently stroking the ravens cheek, whispering thinges I could not catch. For a while, I stood here, thinking about the impossible reality that had unfolded, and was taking place right in front of me.
My best friend.
My worst enemy.
In love.
During a horrible war.

~ How cliche ~

When Charlie’s breathing steadied, Mac smoothly leaning down and placed a gentle, cool kiss on his flushed cheek. He then rose, and made his way to the door. When our eyes met, I sent him an unspoken message, which, I don’t exactly know exactly how, but he acknowledged. We held a gaze for a couple seconds, in which, we exchanged our wishes. He then turned swiftly to go down stairs, leaving me alone with my thoughts.


A/N-I think I did two versions if the impossible realities, but I’m only posting one of them. (this one, obviously) it’s really old, ( micci, incase you were wondering, this is from the black one, which is the one that the dog conveniently urinated on….uuuuugh) but I like it because it’s simple, short and sweet. And M.S. Just invade you jump me about it, I don’t have spell check on an iPhone, and this entry was my meant to have fancy shmancy vocabulary. Also, hhis wasn’t mentioned in the story, but the one watching them is Jade.

(1) haha, jade is such a creeper, watching them through a cracked door.
(2) TWO DAYS STRAIGHT– get it??? Haha, PUN FTW ( sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Forever Forgotten (Sexual?) Assault

“Get down!” Ruby hollered her eyes suddenly round wide with alarm. In one swift movement, three things happened. David and Charlie scooped up half the kids and shoved access the room – and the other half were protectively dove onto to shield them from the threat that had just smashed through the window.
Charlie and David had disappeared, and Ruby quickly dove for cover behind a desk, so she could jump out at the attacker if she wished.
He fell on top of me, knocking he wind out of the lungs, as well as my knife from my belt loop. The blade now lay across the hall, out of arms reach.
He chuckled.
“Not so scary without your knife, huh?” he said wearing a sly smile. When Charlie appeared in the hallway, he smirked, and did something completely out of the blue. He leaned forward and parted his lips suggestively, suddenly dipping his knee in-between my legs and grinding it against my groin. Startled, my eyes widened, and my breath hitched at the contact. It was gone as fast as it had appeared there, as Charlie tackled Mac from the side. both of them toppling over to my left.
“What?” Mac struggled underneath the ravens body. “I make you jealous?” he teased.
“Shut up!” Charlie yelled back, with a mixture of emotions.

Sad face

So I found my notebook on the floor near the corner of my bed with a yellow stain in Remus corner closest to the spiral. So yeah, basically my dog peed on my notebook. I actually cried for a minute, because the smell was so bad and because I couldn’t read some of the entire I had written…However, I can’t just let gem go to waste, so of course, I’m going totally cram and try and add all of them ( at least the ones that aren’t TOO bad……*COUGHcharlieandmacCOUGH*……..
My goal is too have them up by the end of the month if not sooner. I can type on the the bus an during lunch, but I can’t upload until I get home. Still, expect updates soon! Yay!

( I’ve been talking about uploading for a while now, but I don’t think I’ve actually added anything new yet…..)

I haven’t died yet

I’m just saying that I have tons of drafts right now, so there will be more up soon. I haven’t stopped yet.


I just wanted to let you guys know that I will most likely have all of my electronics with me, fully charged during the time of the hurricane that us suppose to hit on Saturday. I was thinking that I could keep you posted on what was going on, but probably through Facebook instead of wordoress. If my facebook isn’t working, ( which it has been lately), I will use his as a backup. I’m not really sure if I would create a new post and add comments to it, or use this post and keep you updated in the comments that would appear below. Micci, let me know if you will have a computer or phone that you could use to access fb or this site during the storm. If you will, then remember o charge them before, and even have chargers where you are so that if you don’t loose power, you could use them. M S, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be fine……….but knowing you, you’ll be insanely frantic and worried about me and moose and everyone else. I’ll have radios and computers and phones and such, so M S, I dan keep you posted, and micci, we can use this to make sure we’re all right. Make sure you stock up on canned foods and have lots of water and ice. The ice can be used to keep perishable foods like milk or eggs cold, and thus they stay good longer. You can also melt the ice for more water. Make ire you have blankets and comfy clothes, and don’t forget pillows. Of course, if you’re bored, I can keep you entertained with my awkward sense of humor and my awful jokes and nonsense. Because I can really keep you distracted from whats at hand. Let me know your thoughts!


Being a freshman kinda sucks

The title says it all.

Downtown walkabout

Today, me and my fried walked around the streets of downtown. Museum to law school to brugers to cupcake shop. Fun fun before school starts tomorrow.

Satisfy You – Charlie Ver.

Well…Charlie likes lots of stuff. Like tasty food, the color black, knives, cars, trees – you know, random stuff, but there’s a few things that satisfy him.

The first thing…………………………………is macaroni.

I don’t know why, but the guy has a thing for warm cheese. I think he could eat a whole bathtub’s worth of it and in addition to not getting sick, he would still be hungry. Seriously, where does he store all that food? where does it all go? I’ve seen him practically naked, and he’s skinner than me! But anyway, -koffkoff- yeah, he really has an unhealthy addiction to macaroni. Someday, god forbid, I might have to compete with pasta and cheese to win his heart.

The second thing that makes him happy, is someone who makes a comeback. From when we were younger, I remember that he was displeased with people who gave up easily. This is part of the reason why I think he fell for me, besides from being dead sexy, irresistible, and cuddly when I feel like it, I am incredibly stubborn. I don’t let others boss me around, and even when they suggest something that is more efficient, I still go about it the way I want to. Whether it’s in a fight, or an obstacle, or a simple everyday task, whatever setback or problem there is (or if the person’s just shit-lazy), there’s a way to conquer it.

Now, the third thing that satisfies Charlie, is me. I’m not being selfish or greedy or full of myself, because I know that I like Charlie, and he likes me back. Don’t think anything smart of me expressing affection, I can be gentle or brutal, so you better shut up about it if you want to live. *chem chem* back to what I was saying. I can tell you that (from experience) I know for a fact, Charlie likes having me around him. I satisfy his hunger by cooking for him, I satisfy his pain by healing his wounds, his thoughts by giving him advice and satisfying his teenage boy impulses by making him feel better……………….and I mean that quite literally.

whoops, I forgot

hey, I know that mad scientist has subscribed, can you explain to micci how to?

My Apology In Advance

Sadly, a little thing called ‘School’ starts Thursday, and I can tell you know, there will be a ridiculous butt-load of homework (miki and Mad-Scientist, I have just as much HW as you, so don’t even go there). I don’t know how long it will take me to complete it, and it will probable vary from day to day, but hopefully, I will have time to squeeze in at least one story every two weeks. But hey, you guys might not even have time to get on a read something. You don’t have to get on that often, maybe just once everything 3 or 4 weeks. But you know that I write this out first before typing, and even these days in the summer I choose to lay in my room rolling around and drooling on my carpet instead of writing- so, in other words, there might not be anything new. Just because I haven’t updated though doesn’t mean I have abandoned the site all together. I would let you guys know if I was going to take a short leave to catch up in school or something. I’ve been really lazy lately, but I’m going to start up soon. Expect something up by Saturday of next week, and if nothing is, I have suffocated due to the toxic fumes trapped in my room, or I have fled the country to my home land (AKA Japan). OR, I may just need more time. I’m going to say now, That I’m going to be typing like crazy ALL DAY TOMORROW, instead of doing what I should be doing; preparing for school, gathering supplies, buying new sketch paper, SO (don’t worry…………) BE HAPPY! (haha, that’s a song =x=).