It’s Been A While

by creamsikkle

“It’s been a while.” He says as I cross over the threshold

“We haven’t talked in a long time.”

I don’t reply.

“How have you been?” His twisted smile nudges the knife deeper. “Not ill…I hope.”

Again, I say nothing

I make no move

Wearing the mask that has become so painfully familiar

A whisper rolls of my tongue


He doesn’t blink

“I haven’t cried, and I’m not going to.”

“Well that’s not good, you should always cry if you need to.”

Behind the chair, he shakes his hands and the chains that fall from his wrists to the floor rattle and jingle

Not the kind of jingle that comes from a bell

a different sound

a different…

“No matter how hard you try to make me, I won’t cry.”

“Why would I want you to cry?” He asked quietly.

I didn’t look

nor did I reply

“Jeez, a lots changed since I left, there’s got to be at least 5 new kinds, and Jade…She’s grown. Davids taller, I guess, and there’s that new kid…”

He looked up at me

“And you…you…what do you want to hear?”

“Nothing from you.”

“hooo, someone’s cold. It doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you what I want you to hear.”

“For one thing, your hair is longer, it’s a different cut. You’re not wearing the same style of clothes either. Instead of baggy all over, your jeans are skinnier, and your shirts fit better. By the wa you tackled me and walked me up the starts, I can tell that you’ve studied fighting with Jade while I was gone, and you got injured, on your left leg. Your calf. You limped slightly on the stairs, I could feel it in your grip. You also still bounce on the last step like you used to. David was wearing an apron, and assuming nothing…creepy has happened, I’m guessing you passed the job as cook to him. Although, that’s rather obvious. But do you still make the kids cakes?”

He knew everything

Nothing could get past him

No one could fool him

How could he tell all that?

Most of it was about me

Did he still care


He didn’t

He never did

He frowned suddenly

“You don’t…smile as much as you used to.”

“You expect me to smile for you?”

“No…not really. I just like it when you smile.”


“I could congratulate you on your height if you untied me.”

“In your dreams.”

“If anyone’s tied up in my dreams, it’s most certainly not me.”

I turned, and began to walk towards the door.

“I wish you would have stayed.”

“You could have come with me.”

“I….I missed you.”

“So did I.”

Stepping back over the threshold, I cursed under my breath as I felt a salty tear run down my cheek and into the corner of my mouth.