My Sweet Sixteen – Character and Story Plan

by creamsikkle

Plot – The story takes place in florida, and hour outside of Orlando. The scenery consists of Fields; field after field after field. they are all slightly different colors, green, brown, gold, yellow, sometimes tinted blue, pink, purple or orange in some places from flowers.In the story, there is less flora on the roadsides {which are gravel, I might add} then there actually is in this area {Yes, this is a real place, and I have been there. It’s one of the most beautiful spots I’ve even been too. I have also been to a similar place In North Carolina, were there are fields with wheat and grass {occasionally crops} for miles and miles. There are random large bushels, in some fields, or small forests, or groups of huge trees, but these are not included in this story. At the site in florida, there is a large salt-water lake, that has winding canoe paths {in the water, of course}  I combined the two places, so there isn’t one single location it’s based off of, but there are two places that are, for the most part, very similar.

The main character; an only child, lives alone with her father, who is a journalist and photographer. She has always been home-schooled, because her father thought that seeing and experiencing the world at a young age, was important, and so, when she was almost 4, her father took her around the world. Aside from visiting many places on the continents, she had been to obscure islands, abandoned areas, deserts, and had even lived at sea for 6 months. Of course she had seen the Great Wall of China, been to Egypt to see the Great Pyramid of Giza, The Colosseum as well as many other ruins and preserved sites in Rome, Hagia Sophia located in Turkey , and had sat not far from Stonehenge, sketching, and painting it for hours. She  had been to india to see The Taj Mahal, to the San-Fransisco Bay and walked across The Golden Gate Bridge, as well as scooba-dived along the Great Barrier Reef, hiked in the grand canyon multiple times, seen the Northern lights, and even Machu Picchu. As I said earlier, she had been homeschooled, because it was required that she ‘go to school’, and the only way she could be conveniently educated was for her father to teach her. It wasn’t textbooks and essays though, it was mostly this; “Okay, you’re in 6th grade now, which means there’s math, english, science, language, arts, and PE or health.”  Ask her father speaks, he counts on his fingers. “You’ve done a great job with learning english, you know, it being your first language in all, so all you have to do is read and write. You’re old enough to brief yourself on the sites were going to visit, so that can be your reading. A book involving it somehow, like, the story takes place there, or its a conspiracy about it, or maybe just a fun-fact book about the region, with information about lots of things.” he paused, licking his lips. “For writing, we can get a diary or notebook that you like, and you can write a little before and after about the site or trip, or whatever we do. Math is pretty boring but it’s helpful, so only learn the stuff that you’ll actually use in real life. ummmmmm…language I don’t think will be a problem, you’ve probably correctly spoken in at least 40 different languages. You like to draw, so I’ll just buy you more sketchbooks, and all the walking and hiking and running we do make up for the time we spend sitting while we’re traveling. So basically, you’re all good!” 

Her father then decided that going to high school and that making friends, and keeping them for more than 2 weeks would be a good thing. And so, they bought a small house, outside of Orlando, Florida, and enrolled Cassie at the nearest school. There, Cassie slowly adjusts, makes friends, struggles a little at times, and realizes how strangely she was raised.

The actual plot during the story that I have imagined, is the idea of having 16 memories, the 16th being her 16th birthday, which she spends with her new friends. This does not necessarily mean there will be 16 episodes, (one episode for each memory). I might want to do random filler, or extra episodes, or maybe include the OVA in the actually series…..never-mind, that’s too weird.

Here are the character descriptions, which I might add, are over a year old…please forgive me, if I end up changing them slightly.

Cassie – F 15 (protagonist) (pronounced ca-C, NOT K-C)

Yellow and orange rain gear is typical, even when it’s not raining (jacket, sometimes a duckie – remember them from Outward Bound). Blue eyes that become greener closer to the center, with a black spot in the left one. Has a pilot license, and actually owns a small plane that fits 6 people. Also plays the piano.

Ray – M 46 (Cassie’s father)

In spirit, he’s younger than his age. The only thing he loves more than his porch and rocking chair is his daughter. Is a decent cook, but nothing american, in other words, it’s always something you would regularly have for dinner or breakfast in a different country. He enjoys listening to Cassie play the piano while sitting in his rocking chair.

Cammile – F 15 (Cassie’s best friend)

Her parents see her as a beautiful, innocent, and ladylike, but in reality, she transforms while at school into a goth, tomboy who despises pink, and enjoys shooting hoops during lunch period with the guys on the school team. Upholds amazing grades, and still has time to collect tea cups (partly supplied and encouraged by her parents) and learn detailed backgrounds on each one. She is an expert regarding Tea, and can recognize any scent, and identify which cup came from which company.

Tray – M 15 (Cammile’s friend, introduced to Cassie early in the series. He has half opened green eyes (his eyes are always only half way open), Wears a pink polo and cargo shorts that go down past his knees. Tan hair, a simple buzz cut doesn’t match his insane personality. Unbelievably HYPER. CAN NOT BE CONTROLLED OR CONTAINED.  PURE MADNESS.

Ryan – M 16 (Tray and Cammile’s friend)

A dark aura emits from Ryan, and people don’t understand how he can put up with Trays ADHD. Not the most amazing grades, but does have a passion for theatre, where his true personality seems to glow in many ways. (He can be who he really is, and say he’s acting – he doesn’t like showing his true emotions to others)

Phole – F 14 (Cassie and Ryan’s friend) (pronounced foe-lay) now that I’ve said it over and over it kind of sounds like the end of Chick-Fil-A, expect, FO-LAY

Doesn’t particularly like Tray. Snappy sometimes. Hates contact with other people of any sorts, and needs physical space between herself and others. Anger problems. Mistaken for a boy constantly. Randomly capitalizes Words in Sentances…it Gets Annoying sometimes…


so what do you think? leave a comment and tell me what you like, or what I should change!