Alex’s Character Description

by creamsikkle

THIS IS FOR YOU S- *cough cough*….I mean, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
(And yes, Alex gets his own little post…so cute!)

Alex – M 15
Alex has light brown-caramel colored hair that just barely covers his ears- but not his eyes. (eyes are brown, by the way) It’s brushed to the right side. He wears a yellow hair clip on the cuff of his jacket every day that was given to him by his older sister, who is currently away fighting in Iraq. His father died when he was younger, so It’s only him and his mother at home. He usually wears white skinny jeans, which he does not sag, and a light blue jacket or vest. He wears Tigerr shoes that are black and electric blue. Underneath his jacket, he usually wears a long sheet stripped shirt.

-Shy towards most girls
-friendly and NOT shy towards Cassie
-good friends with Chase (BFFLS)
-him and Ryan used to go to school together
-mom runs a flower shop
-he likes to back, but keeps a very well guarded secret
-plays basketball every friday with friends
-likes chill music; (John Mayor, ADELE, KT Tunstill, The GooGooDolls, ect.(