freshly pressed…

by creamsikkle

I’m giving everyone a little assignment. Dive out into the internet, and find me other people posting their original (that’s important, no fans writing about a story that isn’t theirs. for example, a story involving characters from harry potter, or a story about “Things in Harry Potter that JK Rowling didn’t write in the books, but I want them to ‘happen’, so I’ll write it and post it online”….that’s kind of confusing. But find at least 1 maybe 2 sites or tumblrs or blogspots or something. It might be hard. When you have found one, report back here with a LINK! (silence) and I will thank you humbly. oh, it also has to be something that has been update recently. If the last post is dated 2003, then thats a no go. okay? AWESOME!!! MOVE OUT!