My Apology In Advance

by creamsikkle

Sadly, a little thing called ‘School’ starts Thursday, and I can tell you know, there will be a ridiculous butt-load of homework (miki and Mad-Scientist, I have just as much HW as you, so don’t even go there). I don’t know how long it will take me to complete it, and it will probable vary from day to day, but hopefully, I will have time to squeeze in at least one story every two weeks. But hey, you guys might not even have time to get on a read something. You don’t have to get on that often, maybe just once everything 3 or 4 weeks. But you know that I write this out first before typing, and even these days in the summer I choose to lay in my room rolling around and drooling on my carpet instead of writing- so, in other words, there might not be anything new. Just because I haven’t updated though doesn’t mean I have abandoned the site all together. I would let you guys know if I was going to take a short leave to catch up in school or something. I’ve been really lazy lately, but I’m going to start up soon. Expect something up by Saturday of next week, and if nothing is, I have suffocated due to the toxic fumes trapped in my room, or I have fled the country to my home land (AKA Japan). OR, I may just need more time. I’m going to say now, That I’m going to be typing like crazy ALL DAY TOMORROW, instead of doing what I should be doing; preparing for school, gathering supplies, buying new sketch paper, SO (don’t worry…………) BE HAPPY! (haha, that’s a song =x=).