Satisfy You – Charlie Ver.

by creamsikkle

Well…Charlie likes lots of stuff. Like tasty food, the color black, knives, cars, trees – you know, random stuff, but there’s a few things that satisfy him.

The first thing…………………………………is macaroni.

I don’t know why, but the guy has a thing for warm cheese. I think he could eat a whole bathtub’s worth of it and in addition to not getting sick, he would still be hungry. Seriously, where does he store all that food? where does it all go? I’ve seen him practically naked, and he’s skinner than me! But anyway, -koffkoff- yeah, he really has an unhealthy addiction to macaroni. Someday, god forbid, I might have to compete with pasta and cheese to win his heart.

The second thing that makes him happy, is someone who makes a comeback. From when we were younger, I remember that he was displeased with people who gave up easily. This is part of the reason why I think he fell for me, besides from being dead sexy, irresistible, and cuddly when I feel like it, I am incredibly stubborn. I don’t let others boss me around, and even when they suggest something that is more efficient, I still go about it the way I want to. Whether it’s in a fight, or an obstacle, or a simple everyday task, whatever setback or problem there is (or if the person’s just shit-lazy), there’s a way to conquer it.

Now, the third thing that satisfies Charlie, is me. I’m not being selfish or greedy or full of myself, because I know that I like Charlie, and he likes me back. Don’t think anything smart of me expressing affection, I can be gentle or brutal, so you better shut up about it if you want to live. *chem chem* back to what I was saying. I can tell you that (from experience) I know for a fact, Charlie likes having me around him. I satisfy his hunger by cooking for him, I satisfy his pain by healing his wounds, his thoughts by giving him advice and satisfying his teenage boy impulses by making him feel better……………….and I mean that quite literally.