by creamsikkle

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will most likely have all of my electronics with me, fully charged during the time of the hurricane that us suppose to hit on Saturday. I was thinking that I could keep you posted on what was going on, but probably through Facebook instead of wordoress. If my facebook isn’t working, ( which it has been lately), I will use his as a backup. I’m not really sure if I would create a new post and add comments to it, or use this post and keep you updated in the comments that would appear below. Micci, let me know if you will have a computer or phone that you could use to access fb or this site during the storm. If you will, then remember o charge them before, and even have chargers where you are so that if you don’t loose power, you could use them. M S, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be fine……….but knowing you, you’ll be insanely frantic and worried about me and moose and everyone else. I’ll have radios and computers and phones and such, so M S, I dan keep you posted, and micci, we can use this to make sure we’re all right. Make sure you stock up on canned foods and have lots of water and ice. The ice can be used to keep perishable foods like milk or eggs cold, and thus they stay good longer. You can also melt the ice for more water. Make ire you have blankets and comfy clothes, and don’t forget pillows. Of course, if you’re bored, I can keep you entertained with my awkward sense of humor and my awful jokes and nonsense. Because I can really keep you distracted from whats at hand. Let me know your thoughts!