Forever Forgotten (Sexual?) Assault

by creamsikkle

“Get down!” Ruby hollered her eyes suddenly round wide with alarm. In one swift movement, three things happened. David and Charlie scooped up half the kids and shoved access the room – and the other half were protectively dove onto to shield them from the threat that had just smashed through the window.
Charlie and David had disappeared, and Ruby quickly dove for cover behind a desk, so she could jump out at the attacker if she wished.
He fell on top of me, knocking he wind out of the lungs, as well as my knife from my belt loop. The blade now lay across the hall, out of arms reach.
He chuckled.
“Not so scary without your knife, huh?” he said wearing a sly smile. When Charlie appeared in the hallway, he smirked, and did something completely out of the blue. He leaned forward and parted his lips suggestively, suddenly dipping his knee in-between my legs and grinding it against my groin. Startled, my eyes widened, and my breath hitched at the contact. It was gone as fast as it had appeared there, as Charlie tackled Mac from the side. both of them toppling over to my left.
“What?” Mac struggled underneath the ravens body. “I make you jealous?” he teased.
“Shut up!” Charlie yelled back, with a mixture of emotions.