Impossible Reality

by creamsikkle

As I passed Charlie’s room, I noticed the door was cracked, so I paused and took a peek (1).
Mac was kneeling beside the sick boy, who was currently to ill to stand. Mac hadn’t left his side for two days straight now (2). The maroon haired teen was gently stroking the ravens cheek, whispering thinges I could not catch. For a while, I stood here, thinking about the impossible reality that had unfolded, and was taking place right in front of me.
My best friend.
My worst enemy.
In love.
During a horrible war.

~ How cliche ~

When Charlie’s breathing steadied, Mac smoothly leaning down and placed a gentle, cool kiss on his flushed cheek. He then rose, and made his way to the door. When our eyes met, I sent him an unspoken message, which, I don’t exactly know exactly how, but he acknowledged. We held a gaze for a couple seconds, in which, we exchanged our wishes. He then turned swiftly to go down stairs, leaving me alone with my thoughts.


A/N-I think I did two versions if the impossible realities, but I’m only posting one of them. (this one, obviously) it’s really old, ( micci, incase you were wondering, this is from the black one, which is the one that the dog conveniently urinated on….uuuuugh) but I like it because it’s simple, short and sweet. And M.S. Just invade you jump me about it, I don’t have spell check on an iPhone, and this entry was my meant to have fancy shmancy vocabulary. Also, hhis wasn’t mentioned in the story, but the one watching them is Jade.

(1) haha, jade is such a creeper, watching them through a cracked door.
(2) TWO DAYS STRAIGHT– get it??? Haha, PUN FTW ( sorry, I couldn’t resist.