Forever Forgotten – gain some loose some, loose some gain some.

by creamsikkle

Gain some loose some and loose some gain some- those are two phrases that may see the same, but they are actually very different. Like a conditional statement, and then a converse statement of that conditional (yay! Math connection, I’m so smart!). The conditional can be true, but the converse can make no sense at all sometimes.
The first one… Say you get a new weapon, that means you lost one. Odds are, the weapon you possessed before you had for a while. In a sense, you became close to it, it protected you, and you relied on it. Whenever you fight with the new weapon, you can’t help but think of the past one. When you got you got your first weapon- and from whom- you envy the past.
I have come to the conclusion from these thoughts, that I wish to be a jar of pineapple. They sit on a shelf their whole lives knowing their purpose (to be delicious) and how they will die. However, the only hung that I dislike would be how they have no way of escaping their set fate. No escape, no way to fight, you just sit- waiting to be scooped up by a spoon and slid into a mouth. Also, pineapple is sweet and juicy. If I had a flavor i’d probably be distasteful. The only one to ever love me was Hope, but she’s in the past as well. I left her behind aside my dreams, my sister, and my past self. It’s all forgotten. Forever.