The new girl, the Madden Girl

by creamsikkle

I am adding a new series that it’s necessarily a series. Madden girl is going to be mostly more vague than the other stories I have here. The Madden Girl series I think will en up being reflections of my own feeling and emotions base in what is happening in my life. I’m guessing it will mostly consist of drabbles (short, more vague, mindless pieces, with little or no solid theme, scene or dialogue, usually about either love or problems), poetry, and random emo angsty mindless stuff called EXPRESSION. I might even do a drabble about cake or fire or ponies or even pine cones……….maybe…..
Anyway, look forward too it! Keep checking up on WordPress more often, because I have more free time now to update more often. I’ve found it easier to type on the bus to and from school and then update when I get home. I look forward to starting this new installment!