Cries Tears of Emerald

by creamsikkle

Rolling rolling rolling out the door
Madden girl goes again today

She just wants to drown the world
In shards of cool emerald glass
With creamy oranges and cloudy yellows
Like the smooth marble, cool to the touch in museums and fancy French restaurants

All the bouncy people
That bounce around town
Carry boom boxes in purses

Or tie them to the lamp posts
Lining the streets so fashionably

They boom
Dubstep bumps with electro neon,
And strap on stripes to match their hearts.
But in the cooler places, the shiny brass melts
All over sidewalks

And makes it hard to walk

Pushing and trudging through thick, golden molasses goo,
These are madden girls worries,
her shedded tears,
regrets and insecurities,
her wants and obstacles,
things she tried but gave up on
Gave up on things

like herself, especially

But still,
When the wading is done, she continues on
Determined, not defeated yet
Definitely not

And she can finally rest, for she has met an old friend
The magenta sea urchin

In the deep, jazzy, blue, the octopus plays
The snazzy slow music,
Fit for queens
The queen of hearts!
Make way! Chins up!
Look lively for her highness and Alice.

And behind Alice, madden girl waits
For her correct time and place,
To strike
And devour
And enjoy,
savoring the sweet, satisfying

worth the wait taste

of victory