Another Talk

by creamsikkle

Charlie POV
Kind of a sequel to ‘It’s Been A While”‘
{the “he” is Mac}


Dipping my spoon back down into the soup that sat on the tray, I looked up at his face.
He finished chewing the carrots, and swallowed.
“What?” I scooped up more carrots swimming in broth, and raised it up, ready to continue feeding him.
“Do you still love me?”
“Why do you want to know?”
I paused, staring back at his dark, heartless, empty, warm eyes.
“It’s….I’m just curious, do you?”
“What do you expect to hear from me?”
“I didn’t have anything particular in mind.”
“Like hell you do.”
“Oooooh, you’ve certainly changed.”
His tone… I didn’t like that fresh tongue.
“It’s been two and a half years.”
“That’s somewhat precise, ‘two and a half’…”
“It doesn’t matter anyway.”
“As soon as we untie you, you’ll just disappear again.”
“Who said I’m going to disappear?”
“Shut up”
It was silent or a while.
I let my heavy head droop down between my legs.
Closing my eyes was a mistake.
I felt a touch on my cheek, and jerked back suddenly, standing from my chair, startled.
His hand…
My heart began to pound .
He untied himself...
I could feel the blood pulse in my ear drums.
He…touched me…
I realized how dangerous the situation was. Mac knew without a doubt that my knife was on my back belt loop of my jeans. I had always kept it there. Would he try and grab it? He’d have to jump me for that. I knew his technique, I had seen him fight, and I had fought with him. He couldn’t get me with his tricks.
He slowly pulled his other hand out from behind the chair, showing that he was completely without restraints.
“Are you scared?”
I was still, carefully watching him reach for me. His hand seemed to slow down the closer it got to me.
“I’m not going to hurt you…” he stood slowly and extended his hand “I just want…”
He gingerly touched my cheek with the tips of his fingers;he just stood, waiting for a reaction.
His hand wasn’t cool or warm, it was just there…I could feel it, but it isn’t feel like anything in particular. Spreading out his fingers he pressed his palm to my cheek, and brushed my hair slightly. His thumb delicately caressed the corner of my eye, as if wiping away invisible tears.
“Charlie…” looking down, he inhaled sharply and drew his hand back suddenly, as If he had been struck.
“What’s wrong?” ‘this isn’t like him’ I thought
“I know I can’t.” looking out of the window at the view of the mountain, he managed to hide his true emotions beneath his collected, almost cold features.
However, he betrayed what he felt by avoiding my eyes.
“It’s been 2 years.”
“What about it?”
“It’s not like…I didn’t want you.”
“Do you still?”
“Maybe.” ‘yes’. Please. I’ve missed you more than you can imagine. I’ve been sick from some incurable disease ever since you left. Everyday you were gone was so painful, I thought I was going I die.
He took a small step forward, cautiously advancing.
We were slowly growing closer.
Lifting his hand once more to my face, he tenderly stroked my cheek.
My breathing slowed as he leaned his head in and pressed his lips to mine.
He waited for a sign, any movement really.
I didn’t want to give any sort of signal, I wanted to stay like this forever with him.
I really was over my head.
I shyly took the edge of his shirt into my hand, nervously fingering the cloth.
He pulled away and proceeded to stare at me, a lost, but soft look on his face
“I thought that…”
He pulled me into his arms protectively, and holding him close, I breathed in his familiar scent. He didn’t smell like anything particular, he had his own aroma. It was a warm feeling, but was cool when you inhaled it. He was chilling.
I didn’t hear the creak of the door opening; I had always tended to let my guard down when I was with Mac.
He didn’t move though, and so neither did I.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s okay.” Jumping a bit, I replied quickly.
Everett’s voice had startled me, but I hadn’t jumped away from Mac, I had curled up to him, tightening my grip on him momentarily. We pulled apart slowly, hesitant to let go.
I loved him.
I really, really loved him.
Everett seemed very awkward and was looking away, probably trying to not acknowledge the elephant in the room.
Glaring at Everrett, Mac spoke, breaking the silence.
“Try anything and I’ll kill you.”
He was way too aggressive, I told myself.
But the real me knew he was joking- which meant he was serious- and scared.
“Don’t worry, he’s all yours.”