Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

by creamsikkle

I walked down the hall moping and groaning inwardly.
I was sick. Again. My throat felt as cracked and dry as the sahara desert.
I was making my way to jade’s room to alert her I was going downstairs for water and medicine. As I had almost stepped around the corner into the view of her room, I heard hushed voices coming from behind the door of the room that Charlie and Mac shared.
“…I already told you it won’t hurt. Trust me, it will feel amazing…” I could hear Mac coaxing who I assumed was Charlie.
“…Are you sure?” Charlie’s voice was hesitant.
‘Why are they up so late, it’s almost 1:00 am…’
I unconsciously leaned towards the door, trying to make out their voices better.
“Last time we did it you said the same thing but it hurt.” Charlie continued still not completely convinced..
‘What are they talking about?…’
“I promise it will feel good his time; the first time you’re a always a little tense, everyone is.” Mac explained.
“Okay…As long as you promise to be more gentle this time…” I heard a rustle of bed sheets and could imagine Mac’s smile as I heard him reply.
“Of course. If it hurts then we can always stop, just say so.”
The bed creaked quietly and I heard faint moans from what I though was Charlie. Mac grunted once in a while, and Charlie groaned in reply.
I heard Charlie cry out suddenly, and the other boy immediately spoke.
“Does it hurt?”
“Yeah, I’m a little sore there.”
A moment of silence took place for a few seconds and the brunette asked his roommate another question.
“Is that better?”
“Mmmmm…” Charlie moaned once again. “Yeah, a little harder.”
At this point, I assumed that they were…well…you know… ‘pleasuring each other’ shall we say. The noises they were making as well as the dialogue, all pointed to the same conclusion.


What do YOU think they’re doing? XD Post in the comments and I’ll let you know, as well as post the rest of the story :3