Still Eating Leftovers?

by creamsikkle

I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving. If you shared food with l the majority of your entire extended family (cousins and their husbands and children, brothers and sisters), then you will be eating leftovers for the next week and a half. Although the stuffing is delicious and the desserts are divine, I must be honest and say the week after thanksgiving is painful for me.
The ridiculously early christmas decorations being put up, screaming children, stressful early Christmas shopping, and sales. I hate sales. Sales these days aren’t even very special, as there is not one moment when their isn’t any sort of discount or deal in your average store. There is always an excuse to have a sale, and though you may be unaware, the price of say, a jacket, is usually raised before a sail; meaning, the price to begin with is higher than it should be. Over time, the sale price becomes the regular price. And so when the jacket is moved to the clearance, it is actually the price of what originally meant to be a regular marked down price for an average sale.