I Deserve to be Beaten Mercilessly…

by creamsikkle

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, and I’m ashamed it’s come to the point that I have to write one. It’s one of those sad cliché apology notices that users upload when they haven’t updated anything in months. It’s half apology, and half reassuring the audience you’re alive and well, just lazy.

My only excuse is a lousy one, and it’s the only one you see these days. Exaaaaams are here! and that means more studying…(“studying”). Really sorry that I’ve fallen behind, and I mean, WAY behind, on pretty much everything :/

I’m going to try super hard to update at least once a week, hopefully with small installments to a NEW STORY I’m starting (which is exactly what I need right now XD). I’m a huge shipper (mostly yaoi slash) and currently am working on a super secret project with my yaoi crazed friend. We’re shipping a friend of ours with other friends of ours, and it is so mischievous and fun. I won’t be posting it here, because if I did I would have to change the names of the people in the story, and I won’t do that for two reasons.

1, I hate changing the names in stories just to post it online; it takes away from part of the story, and

2, I’m too lazy to come up with new ones.

I hope that you have gathered some important facts about me from this informative post. I am lazy, a troublemaker, and I “study” for exams…basically, I have no motivation whatsoever. But still, I promise I will update somehow……eventually. I promise I will.

Until next time. (which might be a while)