Sweet Sixteen Spinoff Announcement

by creamsikkle

Woohoo! More Sweet Sixteen! (because I know that’s really what you want)

So guess what? I decided to start another spin off; What could possibly have been a more responsible decision at a crucial time in my life like this? 

This time, I’ve decided to do a small spin off comic thingy of My Sweet Sixteen, where different characters exist as little people, in their own place. The characters in these comics are ones that I decided to leave out of the main plot line, but love to much to drop completely. Also, I’m keeping them alive in the form of comics, because I feel these particular boys and girls are expressed better in drawings rather than in words.

The whole segment is basically just a bunch of short, funny, oneshot type comics all under the same series, with their own sub-titles for each individual comic. Their world, or their state of existence doesn’t matter; it’s, ‘this character and this character went to do this with each other and this happened’…if that makes any sense. For example: Lauren and Joey go the grocery store and discuss what different frozen pizzas and flavor ice cream to get; the name of the comic is “The Flavorful Adventure” (or something). They all live together in this underground network of tunnels and rooms, complete with everything from a swimming pool and a home-theatre to a pillow pit and a kitchen that bakes it’s own food; ironically enough, whatever you’re craving. Talk about living the dream. While some of the encounters will happen outside of their burrow, I intend to have most of the comics to take place somewhere inside their cozy doll-house type home. I will draw a layout or map for it and post an image later.

Wish me luck…


P.S. I’ve been having pains in my right arm due to using the computer so rigerously XD and therefore can not be on for long periods of time. Even still, I promise I will try to post more often. I have so much I’ve written on paper but just haven’t gotten to typing up yet. Next post will hopefully start either Sweet Sixteen or Forever Forgotten. See you soon! ;D