Reality Reflects in my Stories

by creamsikkle

I found an AMV (Anime Music Video) that’s not half bad that features one of my favorite songs. It could be called a ‘theme song’ for some of the characters I have created. Also, incase you were wondering, the characters practically create themselves out of thin air, and then I build on them. I conjure up a whole back story and weave it into the plot at the same time. When I think I’ve got something solid, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t contradict any of the other things in the story, or if it just doesn’t make sense. One of the things I’m hoping to accomplish in my stories (and that I want to show through to the readers) is for things to not be over dramatic. I want them to be real, and the emotions that my characters feel will reach out of the pages (or screen, I guess) and engulf the reader completely. I’m hoping that by making things more realistic and ‘down to earth’ that people will be able to connect better with characters.

By saying I aim for my stories to be ‘realistic’ I mean that, not everyone will be beautiful. Not everyone will look like a model, with  no acne, and a perfect body: boobs or abs. People will be tall, short, frail, buff, skinny, and pudgy. No no is perfect in reality, which I why no one will be perfect in my story. I’m hoping that all my readers will be able to connect to at least one of my characters. There are other ways I hope to express a more ‘real’ story. For example, during fights in Vortex and Forever Forgotten, I won’t have the characters verbally explain how their powers work, and what their attack did to their opponent. That is the one thing I absolutely despise about watching anime.

Soooooo, instead of continuing to rant on this post, I should probably actually go write some crap..I’m working on My Sweet Sixteen, and I’m trying failing to write a super SMEXEH scene between Charlie and Mac, but it’s been a while since yours truly has written a lemon. However, I will try my best. Please believe in me!!! I PROMISE TO UPDATE MORE!!