From Here on Out

by creamsikkle

So, the end of the school year is approaching, and I know I haven’t updated like I said I would….> . <
But, I'm going to make sure I whip myself into shape, and do ALL MY WRITING.
I'm planning to work mainly on My Sweet Sixteen; song themes, song fics, spin-offs, monologues, chapter-by-chapter updates (hopefully), and maybe even some 'behind the scenes' crack for laughs.
I will be attending summer camp for 3 weeks, and during that time I will not have access to any computer, phone or the interent at all. However, I will bring my notebooks and my pencils as well as my dirty mind, and every night I'll write some juicy scenes that I will enjoy typing up later when I return home. I might actually try to have my laptop during the ride home so I can type things up and get a head start.
I'm hoping to really try and develop a good portion of the My Sweet Sixteen series, because a certain someone really wants me to write about it…
I've also developed a new story…I understand nothing. It's super trippy though, and i feel like everyone in the show is on crack- and GET THIS! NO GAY COUPLES!!!! (wow, that's a huge break through!)
I hope that everyone continues to check the site once and a while during the summer, and puts up a comment when they do, letting me know how their summer is going.
(I will post the dates of my camp session later)