What the Heck am I doing anyway? (well I’m glad you asked…)

Hello, and welcome to ‘please help me finish this’. as soon as you click the other little tab over there, you’ll fall through into the world of my stories. Mainly, Forever Forgotten, Vortex, and Untamed, but you might see some Judging by a Cover, SkyRiders, and My Sweet Sixteen. All-in-all I think I’ve got a good story in my head, but I really need to put it down somewhere else. I’ve written out most of these, but I’m so clumsy, and I worry that I might spill something on a notebook, which would be terrible, so I wanted to type them up and save them somewhere.

I hope that you take time to read a little, and maybe leave a comment. Doesn’t matter what it says, If someone took the time to read my post, then write a comment, the least I can do is say thank you, or consider their suggestion, or change the grammatical error they caught. So…explore, and have a nice day.

Write on!