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Last to Know – Three Days Grace

Last to Know
By Three Days Grace

She just walked away
Why didn’t she tell me?
And where do I go tonight?

This isn’t happening to me…
This can’t be happening to me

She didn’t say a word
Just walked away

You were the first to say
That we were not okay

You were the first to lie
When we were not alright

This was my first love
She was the first to go
And when she left me for you
I was the last to know

Why didn’t she tell me
Where to go tonight

She didn’t say a word
He just walked away

You were the first to say
That we were not okay

You were the first to lie
When we were not alright

This was my first love
She was the first to go
And when she left me for you
I was the last to know

*angst guitar solo with piano*

I’ll be the first to say
That now I’m okay
And for the first time
I’ve opened up my eyes

This was my worst love
You’ll be the first to go
And when she leaves you for dead
You’ll be the last to know

I’ll be the first to say
That now I’m okay

And for the first time
I’ve opening up my eyes

This was my worst love
You’ll be the first to go

And when she leaves you for dead
You’ll be the last to know…

I heard this song randomly on the radio and I immediately freaked out because it just spelled out the relationship between these sets of characters so plainly, that I wanted to cry. I thought it would help explain some characters and their relationship.

Okay, so let me introduce you to Bennett, and Anna, two characters from My Sweet Sixteen. Bennett, or ‘Benn’ for short is 16. She is gentle, kind, full of giggles and smiles, and is only shy the first time you meet her. She has an older brother and lives with him and their parents in an apartment. Bennett is more sheltered than Anna, not just in the sense of having a roof over he head (no pun intended). Bennett has a family, a house, a pet, normal friends who go to the mall on the weekends; all Anna has ever wished for. She has more limits set on her; curfew, boys, electronics, friends, school, those kinds I things. This is one of the reasons Bennett is drawn to Anna, she’s the doorway to a whole new world of thrills that she’s never been able to touch before. Anna’s the ‘bad boy’. She shows her the darker side of life; or, what Bennett calls, the true thrills and excitements of life. They don’t do drugs together; they don’t drink or steal. They go places, they see things together, they break rules and race along the beach. Bennett gets to feel alive riding with Anna on her motorcycle.

She calls Anna when things cave in, when she needs to get away, and get fresh air away from her pressured life at home. Anna tempts her adventurous side to emerge, as well as a side he has never known herself.

Bennett, who has never loved anyone, falls head over heals for her flamboyant , cocky, sneaky, unpredictable friend.

And it scares her. A lot.

She doesn’t understand why she likes a girl, and she doesn’t understand why Anna likes her back, ‘There’s nothing interesting about me, right?’ She goes along with the unpredictable flow of what seems to be; she goes along with Anna.

Anna loves Bennett with such a passion; she cares for her so much, you can’t imagine. It’s one of those annoying cliché romances, with my own little ‘angst knife’ twisted in.

You see, this whole lesbian thing doesn’t fly with Bennett, and she suddenly rejects herself as well as Anna, an goes through an inner struggle, extreme homophobia, and even a stage here she considers suicide; which Anna discovers, and is very alarmed about.

So, in a nutshell, Bennett and Anna were perfect and they loved each other, but Bennett freaked out and was all “DO NOT WANT!!!!” She then avoided being alone with Anna, and when they were with each other , she acted as If nothing had happened Between the two of them. Anna totally understood that she wanted space and didn’t have feelings for her anymore, but Anna still loved Bennett. She continues to love her FOREVER, and is always wishing for her happiness.

It is extremely painful for her to watch Bennett later fall in love with a different man, because even though she is happy for Bennett and her happiness, it still hurts.

:'( tear…..

‘She just walked away’
‘Why didn’t she tell me?’
‘And where do I go tonight?’

The song is from both of their perspectives. The overall sheer confusion, frustration and insecurity is overwhelming….wow…big words for me, all in one sentence too.

These lines are Anna speaking to herself. He is saying how she was stupid for overwhelming Bennett all of a sudden, and that’s why she didn’t tell her immediately that she didn’t feel the same way. She’s saying, that all of a sudden, she turned around, and ignored their previous relationship, expressing her feelings of regret and that she wanted to forget about everything. ‘And where do I go tonight?’ is quite literal, as she doesn’t have a true home. She sleeps around with her friends from the (motorcycle) shop, and in ware houses. It’s her way of saying, on top of worrying about this girl, and what’s going through her head, I don’t have a place to sleep tonight.

‘This isn’t happening to me…
This can’t be happening to me!’

This is Bennett being all angsty about having feelings for another girl, which is just wrong to her.

The last part of the song kind of works for Bennett and Anna, but only kind of. This is Anna saying that she should get over Bennett, trying to think badly of her for leading her on, and then suddenly rejecting her, but she can’t, Because she still loves her.


Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

I walked down the hall moping and groaning inwardly.
I was sick. Again. My throat felt as cracked and dry as the sahara desert.
I was making my way to jade’s room to alert her I was going downstairs for water and medicine. As I had almost stepped around the corner into the view of her room, I heard hushed voices coming from behind the door of the room that Charlie and Mac shared.
“…I already told you it won’t hurt. Trust me, it will feel amazing…” I could hear Mac coaxing who I assumed was Charlie.
“…Are you sure?” Charlie’s voice was hesitant.
‘Why are they up so late, it’s almost 1:00 am…’
I unconsciously leaned towards the door, trying to make out their voices better.
“Last time we did it you said the same thing but it hurt.” Charlie continued still not completely convinced..
‘What are they talking about?…’
“I promise it will feel good his time; the first time you’re a always a little tense, everyone is.” Mac explained.
“Okay…As long as you promise to be more gentle this time…” I heard a rustle of bed sheets and could imagine Mac’s smile as I heard him reply.
“Of course. If it hurts then we can always stop, just say so.”
The bed creaked quietly and I heard faint moans from what I though was Charlie. Mac grunted once in a while, and Charlie groaned in reply.
I heard Charlie cry out suddenly, and the other boy immediately spoke.
“Does it hurt?”
“Yeah, I’m a little sore there.”
A moment of silence took place for a few seconds and the brunette asked his roommate another question.
“Is that better?”
“Mmmmm…” Charlie moaned once again. “Yeah, a little harder.”
At this point, I assumed that they were…well…you know… ‘pleasuring each other’ shall we say. The noises they were making as well as the dialogue, all pointed to the same conclusion.


What do YOU think they’re doing? XD Post in the comments and I’ll let you know, as well as post the rest of the story :3

Another Talk

Charlie POV
Kind of a sequel to ‘It’s Been A While”‘
{the “he” is Mac}


Dipping my spoon back down into the soup that sat on the tray, I looked up at his face.
He finished chewing the carrots, and swallowed.
“What?” I scooped up more carrots swimming in broth, and raised it up, ready to continue feeding him.
“Do you still love me?”
“Why do you want to know?”
I paused, staring back at his dark, heartless, empty, warm eyes.
“It’s….I’m just curious, do you?”
“What do you expect to hear from me?”
“I didn’t have anything particular in mind.”
“Like hell you do.”
“Oooooh, you’ve certainly changed.”
His tone… I didn’t like that fresh tongue.
“It’s been two and a half years.”
“That’s somewhat precise, ‘two and a half’…”
“It doesn’t matter anyway.”
“As soon as we untie you, you’ll just disappear again.”
“Who said I’m going to disappear?”
“Shut up”
It was silent or a while.
I let my heavy head droop down between my legs.
Closing my eyes was a mistake.
I felt a touch on my cheek, and jerked back suddenly, standing from my chair, startled.
His hand…
My heart began to pound .
He untied himself...
I could feel the blood pulse in my ear drums.
He…touched me…
I realized how dangerous the situation was. Mac knew without a doubt that my knife was on my back belt loop of my jeans. I had always kept it there. Would he try and grab it? He’d have to jump me for that. I knew his technique, I had seen him fight, and I had fought with him. He couldn’t get me with his tricks.
He slowly pulled his other hand out from behind the chair, showing that he was completely without restraints.
“Are you scared?”
I was still, carefully watching him reach for me. His hand seemed to slow down the closer it got to me.
“I’m not going to hurt you…” he stood slowly and extended his hand “I just want…”
He gingerly touched my cheek with the tips of his fingers;he just stood, waiting for a reaction.
His hand wasn’t cool or warm, it was just there…I could feel it, but it isn’t feel like anything in particular. Spreading out his fingers he pressed his palm to my cheek, and brushed my hair slightly. His thumb delicately caressed the corner of my eye, as if wiping away invisible tears.
“Charlie…” looking down, he inhaled sharply and drew his hand back suddenly, as If he had been struck.
“What’s wrong?” ‘this isn’t like him’ I thought
“I know I can’t.” looking out of the window at the view of the mountain, he managed to hide his true emotions beneath his collected, almost cold features.
However, he betrayed what he felt by avoiding my eyes.
“It’s been 2 years.”
“What about it?”
“It’s not like…I didn’t want you.”
“Do you still?”
“Maybe.” ‘yes’. Please. I’ve missed you more than you can imagine. I’ve been sick from some incurable disease ever since you left. Everyday you were gone was so painful, I thought I was going I die.
He took a small step forward, cautiously advancing.
We were slowly growing closer.
Lifting his hand once more to my face, he tenderly stroked my cheek.
My breathing slowed as he leaned his head in and pressed his lips to mine.
He waited for a sign, any movement really.
I didn’t want to give any sort of signal, I wanted to stay like this forever with him.
I really was over my head.
I shyly took the edge of his shirt into my hand, nervously fingering the cloth.
He pulled away and proceeded to stare at me, a lost, but soft look on his face
“I thought that…”
He pulled me into his arms protectively, and holding him close, I breathed in his familiar scent. He didn’t smell like anything particular, he had his own aroma. It was a warm feeling, but was cool when you inhaled it. He was chilling.
I didn’t hear the creak of the door opening; I had always tended to let my guard down when I was with Mac.
He didn’t move though, and so neither did I.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s okay.” Jumping a bit, I replied quickly.
Everett’s voice had startled me, but I hadn’t jumped away from Mac, I had curled up to him, tightening my grip on him momentarily. We pulled apart slowly, hesitant to let go.
I loved him.
I really, really loved him.
Everett seemed very awkward and was looking away, probably trying to not acknowledge the elephant in the room.
Glaring at Everrett, Mac spoke, breaking the silence.
“Try anything and I’ll kill you.”
He was way too aggressive, I told myself.
But the real me knew he was joking- which meant he was serious- and scared.
“Don’t worry, he’s all yours.”

Downstairs tour


This is the first thing you see when you open the door. Hallway straight ahead leading into the dining room, and stairs on the left. There’s also another doorway left of the stairs leading into the living room.


Now turn left and enter the living room.


Now walk over the the opening on the left wall into the kitchen.


(ignoring the strange people in your house, you walk over to the doorway in the corner near the table, and look at the den)




The real house that I based the house off of in the story forever forgotten called the house…….house

I am currently in the Virginia mountains staying at the mountain house. Now, no matter how I say it, it sounds confusing, so don’t be hesitant to ask me for clarification. The house that is in the story forever forgotten, (where they are almost all the time) is a real house, meaning it physically exists. Currently it belongs to my grandmother. I’m taking the opportunity while were here at the house to photograph the house so you can know what it looks like. I will be uploading a butt load of photos and it’s totally going to spam up my page, but there’s no other way, because it costs money to create a photo album type thing on WordPress. Please keep checking the site as often as you can. I want criticism and advice for all my entries.

The door

20110902-105657.jpg /:

This is the door of the house that I based ‘The House’ off in the story forever forgotten. If that makes sense.
Simple as that…

Forever Forgotten – gain some loose some, loose some gain some.

Gain some loose some and loose some gain some- those are two phrases that may see the same, but they are actually very different. Like a conditional statement, and then a converse statement of that conditional (yay! Math connection, I’m so smart!). The conditional can be true, but the converse can make no sense at all sometimes.
The first one… Say you get a new weapon, that means you lost one. Odds are, the weapon you possessed before you had for a while. In a sense, you became close to it, it protected you, and you relied on it. Whenever you fight with the new weapon, you can’t help but think of the past one. When you got you got your first weapon- and from whom- you envy the past.
I have come to the conclusion from these thoughts, that I wish to be a jar of pineapple. They sit on a shelf their whole lives knowing their purpose (to be delicious) and how they will die. However, the only hung that I dislike would be how they have no way of escaping their set fate. No escape, no way to fight, you just sit- waiting to be scooped up by a spoon and slid into a mouth. Also, pineapple is sweet and juicy. If I had a flavor i’d probably be distasteful. The only one to ever love me was Hope, but she’s in the past as well. I left her behind aside my dreams, my sister, and my past self. It’s all forgotten. Forever.

Impossible Reality

As I passed Charlie’s room, I noticed the door was cracked, so I paused and took a peek (1).
Mac was kneeling beside the sick boy, who was currently to ill to stand. Mac hadn’t left his side for two days straight now (2). The maroon haired teen was gently stroking the ravens cheek, whispering thinges I could not catch. For a while, I stood here, thinking about the impossible reality that had unfolded, and was taking place right in front of me.
My best friend.
My worst enemy.
In love.
During a horrible war.

~ How cliche ~

When Charlie’s breathing steadied, Mac smoothly leaning down and placed a gentle, cool kiss on his flushed cheek. He then rose, and made his way to the door. When our eyes met, I sent him an unspoken message, which, I don’t exactly know exactly how, but he acknowledged. We held a gaze for a couple seconds, in which, we exchanged our wishes. He then turned swiftly to go down stairs, leaving me alone with my thoughts.


A/N-I think I did two versions if the impossible realities, but I’m only posting one of them. (this one, obviously) it’s really old, ( micci, incase you were wondering, this is from the black one, which is the one that the dog conveniently urinated on….uuuuugh) but I like it because it’s simple, short and sweet. And M.S. Just invade you jump me about it, I don’t have spell check on an iPhone, and this entry was my meant to have fancy shmancy vocabulary. Also, hhis wasn’t mentioned in the story, but the one watching them is Jade.

(1) haha, jade is such a creeper, watching them through a cracked door.
(2) TWO DAYS STRAIGHT– get it??? Haha, PUN FTW ( sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Forever Forgotten (Sexual?) Assault

“Get down!” Ruby hollered her eyes suddenly round wide with alarm. In one swift movement, three things happened. David and Charlie scooped up half the kids and shoved access the room – and the other half were protectively dove onto to shield them from the threat that had just smashed through the window.
Charlie and David had disappeared, and Ruby quickly dove for cover behind a desk, so she could jump out at the attacker if she wished.
He fell on top of me, knocking he wind out of the lungs, as well as my knife from my belt loop. The blade now lay across the hall, out of arms reach.
He chuckled.
“Not so scary without your knife, huh?” he said wearing a sly smile. When Charlie appeared in the hallway, he smirked, and did something completely out of the blue. He leaned forward and parted his lips suggestively, suddenly dipping his knee in-between my legs and grinding it against my groin. Startled, my eyes widened, and my breath hitched at the contact. It was gone as fast as it had appeared there, as Charlie tackled Mac from the side. both of them toppling over to my left.
“What?” Mac struggled underneath the ravens body. “I make you jealous?” he teased.
“Shut up!” Charlie yelled back, with a mixture of emotions.

Satisfy You – Charlie Ver.

Well…Charlie likes lots of stuff. Like tasty food, the color black, knives, cars, trees – you know, random stuff, but there’s a few things that satisfy him.

The first thing…………………………………is macaroni.

I don’t know why, but the guy has a thing for warm cheese. I think he could eat a whole bathtub’s worth of it and in addition to not getting sick, he would still be hungry. Seriously, where does he store all that food? where does it all go? I’ve seen him practically naked, and he’s skinner than me! But anyway, -koffkoff- yeah, he really has an unhealthy addiction to macaroni. Someday, god forbid, I might have to compete with pasta and cheese to win his heart.

The second thing that makes him happy, is someone who makes a comeback. From when we were younger, I remember that he was displeased with people who gave up easily. This is part of the reason why I think he fell for me, besides from being dead sexy, irresistible, and cuddly when I feel like it, I am incredibly stubborn. I don’t let others boss me around, and even when they suggest something that is more efficient, I still go about it the way I want to. Whether it’s in a fight, or an obstacle, or a simple everyday task, whatever setback or problem there is (or if the person’s just shit-lazy), there’s a way to conquer it.

Now, the third thing that satisfies Charlie, is me. I’m not being selfish or greedy or full of myself, because I know that I like Charlie, and he likes me back. Don’t think anything smart of me expressing affection, I can be gentle or brutal, so you better shut up about it if you want to live. *chem chem* back to what I was saying. I can tell you that (from experience) I know for a fact, Charlie likes having me around him. I satisfy his hunger by cooking for him, I satisfy his pain by healing his wounds, his thoughts by giving him advice and satisfying his teenage boy impulses by making him feel better……………….and I mean that quite literally.