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It’s the Best Time of the Year (Again)

Hey guys!

In the cool Friday morning I will crawl into the car and drive with my mom to the mountains of Brevard, North Carolina. I’ll be at all girls Keystone Camp for 3 weeks singing songs, eating delicious food, shooting targets, reciting lines from Macbeth, and fighting off vicious beaver-sharks that reside in the canoe lake. It will be my sixth time returning to Keystone Camp for the summer, and every year it only gets better.

However, like any other camp there are policies regarding electronics; phones, computers, ipads, kindles, headphones, (and now) ipods, or anything that can access the internet are strictly off limits to all campers. This means no computer.

Which means, no internet…

Which means, no Facebook, or WordPress, or Tumblr, or…

Which means, no fanfiction…

Which means, there is a small possibility I might collapse due to not getting enough of my internets. It’s horrible really…

Alas, my good shipping friends have sworn to send me all the fanfiction, fanart, and updates, so all is good in the hood.

I am planning to write mostly ‘My Sweet Sixteen’ based stories, because somebody won’t leave me alone about it. It’s okay though, I really should do chapters from that. I’m going to try my hardest to write at least, a rough outline of the whole entire plot, so I can have some rough line to run by when I try to go back a write it all.

Anyway, that is all, and I hope you all have an awesome summer!


Text Edit Drafts: Sneak Peak of What I’ve Been Thinking About…

This is some random crap that I will later write a more detailed entry about. Just some food for thought.

Story Ideas.

…a plumber, and his clients (slice of life)

…a girl who delivers news-papers, and encounters trouble with her bike (short film)

…scuba diver who suffers from lung cancer (slice of life, seinen, depression)

…a young musician, and his friend, getting into mischief (julie and ; boy meets tomboy, girl meets friendly hipster, comedy, adventure, random, 5cm per second, but with a PALE COCOON mix, with more colors and scarves, running around, parks, fireworks, concerts, rooftops, graffiti, ARTIST TALENT.)

…’criminal beats’ (piracy musicians, more like, copiers, who travel around and steal music, broadcast it other places, spreading knowledge of talented bands and individuals in an illegal way, genius, comedy, a combo of cowboy bebop and FLCL

…cell strums, Lucky Star on steroids.

…young lady who works at a carpet store, helps various people, and plays the piano

…in a time of war and poverty, boy meets boy, and something sparks. curious and innocent Julian/Julie, is swung along on a journey with cocky, adventurous, NAMEAHHHHHHH-NEEDANAMMEEEEEEEEE (possibilities; Jess/Jack, Jessie, JET AHHHH BUT ITS ALREADY—the copywriter people with butcher me if I use that name for a character with the same hair and attitude…..CALM YOUR ITTY BITTY TITS DOWN….he still has Zuko… <3 (dat mean I luv den moar than 3!….) kind of like No. 6 (SWOON), but more violence, and jumping on trains, and fighting with knives. mostly bluffing, but some hobo soup. Also, NAME is also fashionable. (olive green pea-coat, no hat, red, plaid hobo scarf, layers of shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, greenish jeans? (or just dark rinse- Morgan, low hip rise, ruffled before the Madden Girl black boots, about 8 inches high up the leg. hobo socks, doubled up, with holes. gloves (fingerless) are purple. Very charismatic and witty, funny, almost like NEZUMI AND SHION……..but not that much (song-SHINee Girl by SHINee XD YESSSS)

…spin off of MY SWEET SIXTEEN— My Bitter Seven, or My Bitter Eight, sounds nice; really, any number that has one syllable. Showing the more bitter moments up close that were only touched up on in My Sweet Sixteen. It is from the perspective of a different character, and relives My Sweet Sixteen from their point of view. SOME SAMPLE WRITEN PIECES FOR DISCUSSION

—death of mom (cancer)

—beach, dying whale (can’t help dying creatures <–sad : (

—brother leaving for army

—totally ignored by a friend, bullying at school maybe?

—having another character show up completely in the middle of an emotional break down…

—Not being able to find the right spice for a recipe

—violence at school, a fight (someone called friend a faggot, fists prevailed)

—student commits suicide (leads into the last one….)

—diagnosed with depression   BLAH BLAH BLAH

end; 10:21pm, Dec 29, THU

start; 7:08 pm, May 18 FRI

…BEAT OF MY SOUL- or -soul beat- or- Walk to my beat-…all about people’s hearts and their music that pulses through them. Each person has a ‘beat’ that is referred to as their ‘soul’ (MOTHA FUCKER. IF YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GINGERS I SWEAR TO GOD). A person’s soul can vary depending on what kind of person they are, and how they act; their personality and style play a big part, and this reflects in their diction and their background as well as their goals, dislikes and likes. People can have a ‘jazz beat’, ‘rock beat’, hip-hop beat’, ‘loose beat’, ‘8-bit beat’, ‘sweet beat’, ‘marching beat’, ‘dark beat’, ‘solid beat’, ‘solo beat’, ‘packed beat’, original beat’, ‘clear beat’, or a ‘messy beat’. There are many different possibilities, and I will only include so many in my story I plan to do…or, ally he character bio’s I come up with XD with no chapters at all. SPEAKING OF CHARACTERS BIOS XD hehehehehe; I have already brainstormed several characters and I have a way I’ve been doing it. While Listening to Pandora, I imagine a story or ‘monologue’ with out words…so It’s more of a montage actually… I then draw a small picture of the person I envision the best I can by the time the song ends. I also make sure I write down the song and the artist on the top of the sticky note (what I’ve been using so far, sticking them all on one piece of paper: a drawing of my main character Julie, who is modeled after my good friend Julian) and then later name the character after the song, or the band. It depends most of the time. For example, I drafted a bio for a boy while listening to ‘The Middle’ By…Jimmy Eat World. I will either call him Middle or Jimmy-but probably Middle. (it doesn’t matter how strange the song….for example the song ‘Sexy And I Know It’ by LMFAO —>> name possibilities would be; Know, Sexy, LMFAO, I Know It…it’s meant to be different and unique. Another example would be ‘Electric Heart’ by SHINee, a korean boy band who recently released their second album and third ep; Sherlock. I would probably name the character Electric or…Electro, something like that.   This is still very different from what I sometimes do with my characters from my stories and relate their lives or life problems/events to a song. This is the other way around; I create a person from a song, I am not listening carefully to lyrics to see if a song relates to my characters I have already created.

end; 7:41 pm, May 18 FRI

start; 1:07 pm, May 31 THUR

MOVE – (Draft 1Drawing)   I want to use the basis of the song ‘ALL IS LOVE’ by Karen O & the Kids and ‘BELIEVE’ by The Bravery. There are four kids, and it’s kind of like a brushed up version of the music video ‘FEEL GOOD INC’ by Gorillaz (or however it’s spelled). The plot is loose right now…it will be organic, but not ridiculously organic like DREAM RUNNER. I think it should be more down to earth, slice of my shitty life, life rebuilding, with the times, after war/during war, something there, that’s raw. Their names are FOXY, MAX, AMERITH, and CHERISH. Cherish is a girl, the rest are boys. Max is the youngest, then Foxy, then Cherish, and finishing off with the oldest (and only girl) Cherish. Based on the photo I drew, seen here. This song is mainly focused around THE MUSIC. It could be my triply version of Studio 4-C’s Genius Party. I especially liked the 5th movie in the Genius Party Beyond set, ‘Dimension Bomb’. You can read more about the Genius Party here:

and watch the 5th installment of the Genius Party Beyond films, ‘Dimension Bomb’, here:

Hope you enjoy!

Amazing Things by Amazing Authors to Distract You While Waiting on My Crap…

Sooooooo, since I update really slowly, I thought I might give you guys some other stuff to look at and enjoy, because they’re much more experienced writers than me. I’ve been reading this stuff, hoping their skillz will rub off on me or will be magically transferred through the computer screen into my sick, fangirl crazed mind to me.

So, here are some good stories I think you should check out, and I’m going to be honest, it’s not much of a variety, because when I find a deliciously smexy OTP an OTP (One True Pairing) I stick to that ship, and that ship only for several months.

My current OTPs:

-Shizaya [Shizou Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara From Durarara!!]

-Nezushi [Nezumi and Shion From No. 6]

-Jetko [Jet and Zuko From Avatar: The Last Airbender]

-Soriku [Sora and Riku From Kingdom Hearts]

-Akuroku [Axel and Roxas From Kingdom Hearts]

-Figgy [Fang and Iggy From Maximum Ride]

So basically…the same as 6 months ago, save the Jetko, which was a sudden recent realization, which lead to a severe phase of shipping; involving but not limited to: browsing fanart on various sites, joining Livejournal communities, reading every fanfiction involving the two, actually reviewing decent fics on for once, Following several new tumblrs, excessive reblogging, RPing, reading the RPs, downloading gifs and stamps, downloading ridiculous amounts of doujinshi, and downloading as well as actually playing WOW…

[That’s World of Warcraft, incase you didn’t know]

Anyway, back to the fanfictions. I highly recommend checking these out. As long as I had been on, [that’s 4 years], I didn’t review a single piece of writing. Then one beautifully written story slipped its way into my unsuspecting heart, and I wrote a review. It was beautiful because it was simple, but raw, and most of all, it felt real. That’s the kind of stuff I appreciate. These are my real favorites, because they are real

***DISCLAIMER*** I don’t own any of these stories, and they were not written by me. The author’s stories are based on the canon of the actual stories, which are sadly, also not owned by them.

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SHINee – Sherlock

SHINee – Sherlock

From ‘SHINee’s new album titled ‘Sherlock’

The track is called Sherlock.


Reality Reflects in my Stories

I found an AMV (Anime Music Video) that’s not half bad that features one of my favorite songs. It could be called a ‘theme song’ for some of the characters I have created. Also, incase you were wondering, the characters practically create themselves out of thin air, and then I build on them. I conjure up a whole back story and weave it into the plot at the same time. When I think I’ve got something solid, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t contradict any of the other things in the story, or if it just doesn’t make sense. One of the things I’m hoping to accomplish in my stories (and that I want to show through to the readers) is for things to not be over dramatic. I want them to be real, and the emotions that my characters feel will reach out of the pages (or screen, I guess) and engulf the reader completely. I’m hoping that by making things more realistic and ‘down to earth’ that people will be able to connect better with characters.

By saying I aim for my stories to be ‘realistic’ I mean that, not everyone will be beautiful. Not everyone will look like a model, with  no acne, and a perfect body: boobs or abs. People will be tall, short, frail, buff, skinny, and pudgy. No no is perfect in reality, which I why no one will be perfect in my story. I’m hoping that all my readers will be able to connect to at least one of my characters. There are other ways I hope to express a more ‘real’ story. For example, during fights in Vortex and Forever Forgotten, I won’t have the characters verbally explain how their powers work, and what their attack did to their opponent. That is the one thing I absolutely despise about watching anime.

Soooooo, instead of continuing to rant on this post, I should probably actually go write some crap..I’m working on My Sweet Sixteen, and I’m trying failing to write a super SMEXEH scene between Charlie and Mac, but it’s been a while since yours truly has written a lemon. However, I will try my best. Please believe in me!!! I PROMISE TO UPDATE MORE!!



Sirisha, Katie, Walter, Isabel, Nick, and Sanjay





L: Would you please introduce yourself to the court?

B: I am Balthazar.

L: What was your relationship with Romeo?

B: I was his life long servant, but I was also his friend.

L: What were you doing on the night of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths?

B: I was hiding, waiting for Romeo to return from the tomb.

L: Could you show the court where you were hiding on this diagram?

B: I was hiding here, in the bushes right in front of the entrance of the tomb.

L: Did Romeo ask you to wait for him?

B: No, he paid me to leave him alone, but I hid instead. I was worried about what he might do.

L: Did you see anyone else enter the tom that night?

B: Yes, Friar Lawrence showed up right before the Watchmen did.

L: And no one else entered the tomb that night, you are absolutely sure?

B: Yes.

L: Thank you, no further questions.






L: Please introduce yourself to the court

LC: I am Lady Capulet, the wife of Lord Capulet. Juliet was my daughter.

L: What was your husband’s state of mind after Juliet’s faked death?

LC: He was distraught; Juliet was our only daughter. He wouldn’t come out of our room all night.

L: Who are the people in you house that he trusts the most?

LC: Myself and Juliet’s nurse.

L: And what were the two of you doing the night of Juliet’s actual death?

LC: We were comforting my husband, trying to get him in a better mood.

L: Was there anyone else there besides you and the nurse?

LC: Yes. Peter was there as well. He hardly ever leaves the nurse’s side.

L: How long did the three of you tend to Lord Capulet?

LC: All night, until we were informed that Juliet and Romeo were discovered dead.

L: Thank you, no further questions.




L: Would you please introduce yourself to the court?

P: My name is Peter.

L: What is your relationship with the nurse?

P: I have worked alongside the nurse for many years, I know her very well.

L: What do you have to say about the nurse’s character?

P: She is the sweetest old woman in the world and she loved Juliet very much. She wouldn’t hurt a fly; all she did was defend Juliet. She wanted to help her recover from her mistakes, and watch her grow up.

L: Where were you the night of Juliet’s death?

P: I was with Lady Capulet and the nurse; we were trying to get Lord Capulet ro come out of his room.

L: Did anyone leave the house that night?

P: No. The only time anyone left was when Lord and Lady Capulet were notified that Juliet had killed herself.

L: Thank you, no further questions.






L: Please introduce yourself to the court.

C: I am coroner, I examine dead bodies and determine cause of death.

L: How did you become involved in this case?

C: I was called to the scene to examine Juliet’s body.

L: What was your determined cause of death?

C: Juliet bled to death from a knife wound.

L: Would you please read what you wrote about how Juliet came to her death in the certificate of death you issued.

C: Yes. (Peter reads the report)

L: Are you positive that Juliet did in fact kill herself?

C: Yes.

L: Thank you, no further questions.





L: Please introduce yourself to the court.

N: I am… was… Juliet’s nurse.

L: What was your relationship with Juliet and the Capulets like?

N: I loved Juliet like I would have loved my own daughter, if she was still alive. I did not have as much of a relationship with Lord and Lady Capulet like I did with their daughter.

L: How did you discover Juliet that Thursday morning when she should have been married to Paris?

N: I went to wake her, but she wouldn’t wake up. Oh my dear sleeping Juliet! She just wouldn’t wake!

L: And where were you on the night of Juliet’s actual death?

N: I was with Lady Capulet and Peter, we spent the night tending to Lady Capulet while he was grieving over the death of his daughter.

L: How did you feel when Friar Lawrence told you the truth about what happened to Juliet?

N: I was shocked… Juliet never told me of her plan to fake her own death. I thought she was really dead. I wish she would have told me so I could have helped her!

L: Thank you, no further questions.


Sweet Sixteen Spinoff Announcement

Woohoo! More Sweet Sixteen! (because I know that’s really what you want)

So guess what? I decided to start another spin off; What could possibly have been a more responsible decision at a crucial time in my life like this? 

This time, I’ve decided to do a small spin off comic thingy of My Sweet Sixteen, where different characters exist as little people, in their own place. The characters in these comics are ones that I decided to leave out of the main plot line, but love to much to drop completely. Also, I’m keeping them alive in the form of comics, because I feel these particular boys and girls are expressed better in drawings rather than in words.

The whole segment is basically just a bunch of short, funny, oneshot type comics all under the same series, with their own sub-titles for each individual comic. Their world, or their state of existence doesn’t matter; it’s, ‘this character and this character went to do this with each other and this happened’…if that makes any sense. For example: Lauren and Joey go the grocery store and discuss what different frozen pizzas and flavor ice cream to get; the name of the comic is “The Flavorful Adventure” (or something). They all live together in this underground network of tunnels and rooms, complete with everything from a swimming pool and a home-theatre to a pillow pit and a kitchen that bakes it’s own food; ironically enough, whatever you’re craving. Talk about living the dream. While some of the encounters will happen outside of their burrow, I intend to have most of the comics to take place somewhere inside their cozy doll-house type home. I will draw a layout or map for it and post an image later.

Wish me luck…


P.S. I’ve been having pains in my right arm due to using the computer so rigerously XD and therefore can not be on for long periods of time. Even still, I promise I will try to post more often. I have so much I’ve written on paper but just haven’t gotten to typing up yet. Next post will hopefully start either Sweet Sixteen or Forever Forgotten. See you soon! ;D

I Deserve to be Beaten Mercilessly…

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, and I’m ashamed it’s come to the point that I have to write one. It’s one of those sad cliché apology notices that users upload when they haven’t updated anything in months. It’s half apology, and half reassuring the audience you’re alive and well, just lazy.

My only excuse is a lousy one, and it’s the only one you see these days. Exaaaaams are here! and that means more studying…(“studying”). Really sorry that I’ve fallen behind, and I mean, WAY behind, on pretty much everything :/

I’m going to try super hard to update at least once a week, hopefully with small installments to a NEW STORY I’m starting (which is exactly what I need right now XD). I’m a huge shipper (mostly yaoi slash) and currently am working on a super secret project with my yaoi crazed friend. We’re shipping a friend of ours with other friends of ours, and it is so mischievous and fun. I won’t be posting it here, because if I did I would have to change the names of the people in the story, and I won’t do that for two reasons.

1, I hate changing the names in stories just to post it online; it takes away from part of the story, and

2, I’m too lazy to come up with new ones.

I hope that you have gathered some important facts about me from this informative post. I am lazy, a troublemaker, and I “study” for exams…basically, I have no motivation whatsoever. But still, I promise I will update somehow……eventually. I promise I will.

Until next time. (which might be a while)

Happy Thanksgiving

On our way 2000

Walking into the airport now. It’s almost the perfect temperature, I’m sad to get on an airplane. When I get off in Boston it’s going to be below 40.