Character Index

This is a list of characters from the multiple series just to help minimize confusion. However, I understand that there always is and ways will be confusion, so of you need clarification, don’t be shy! Leave a comment! (I don’t bite…;^;)

I AM STILL TYPING UP THE LIST OF CHARACTERS. Be patient, and I promise I will eventually get everyone up on the site. Also, as my series progresses, The characters that are introduced in the book will also be added below into the list.


Mac– doesn’t like many people and others sometimes find it hard to coexist with him. He’s cautious about letting people get too close to him, and has a tendency to space himself from others. He and Charlie were very close from when they were younger and lived in the same village together. Mac


Jade/Ruby- Just like her role as the leader of the house, she’s very much in charge and likes it that way. Jade is also referred to by Ruby by certain people for certain reasons.


Sephie– our protagonist. Intelligent, outgoing, and adventurous. She has fallen through a vortex which transported her to the alternate dimension in which the story takes place.

Seth– short tempered, bold personality, outgoing but lazy. The first person to find Sephie when she awakens in the Jupiter. He becomes the cook in the palace.

General Green– a general in the milita belonging to Hoth’s homeland. He takes a liking to Sephie and helps her in various ways.

Hoth– a very friendly, kind, clever, and determined individual. He is the Keeper of Time and Sephie’s close friend, he admires her adventurous and excited spirit. He grew up in the palace most of his life, and only ever was permitted to step outside the walls after he turned 6; which was when he accompanied his father and the other protectors on the Collecting Route. The Collecting Route was always something Hoth felt was special because he stumbled across Paece the first time

Paece– gentle, a little shy, powerful, cautious, and passionate. Hoth’s protector. Sephie helps Paece by giving advice about Hoth and about things he has not mastered that she has.

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