Jazz [Untamed]

I feel like before I get going on My Sweet Sixteen I should give some characters from my other series some spotlight. Jazz was one of the first characters I came up with for Untamed; she was in the first drafts I ever wrote, and is the first SC (supporting Character) that Sephie meets. I simply adore Jazz, she’s definitely one of my top favorites out of all the characters I’ve conjured up.

Since Untamed is so under-developed (meaning, it doesn’t even have any sort of definite plot line at the moment) there are three different ways this series play out in my head. However, because I’m lazy, and don’t give a shit because it’s not like anyone reads this anyway, I’ll go with the one I feel like I write about most of the time.

If you didn’t already know, I should tell you Jazz is a girl. In the beginning of the series she is around the age of 10, and it is mentioned later she had only recently had her 10th birthday. By the end she is almost 12, and has transformed much on the outside and on the inside. Although you see many sides of her during the series, most of the time her gentler, more layed-back side is exposed, versus her well-concealed frustration and anger aimed at herself for being mute. Jazz was an orphan before the war, and lived in an orphanage. Not a weird neglectful or artistic house full of children, more like a boarding school. There are funny people, and artistic people, and normal people.

Jazz never knew about any family she had, so being surrounded by everyone, especially John, makes her happy; they are the only family she has ever had.

Random Crap: She liked pineapple, and marshmallows when they were still available before the war. Hated Salad, but loved spinach. Thin slices of banana with peanut butter, marshmallow jet-puff, and honey has always been a favorite. Also, the classic PB and J never gets old.

Boxers or briefs? briefs, no doubt.

Birthday: July 13th.

Favorite kind of sky? When the whole sky is one shade of blue with 2 or 3 rouge clouds.

Fun fact: Neighbors with Sam before the war broke out. His parents gave her a tricycle for her 6th birthday. When they are uncovering the houses looking for canned foods, they find what’s left of it. KD and Smith pull its mangled figure from the pile of rubble and set it aside. At the end of the series, they reintroduce it, not shiny and new, but bent back into shape. This is symbolism…but I’m too lazy to explain it. Maybe later if I’m in a good mood I’ll let you know what it means.

Pirates or ninjas? It’s a close call, but I’d have to say pirate. Ninjas have to be quiet all the time, and she didn’t get the choice to be forever silent. What she really wants is to be on an adventure, screaming and fighting; three things she knows she will never be capable of in her current state. [okay, now I’m sympathizing, darn)

Jazz is introduced as a gentle girl with a kind heart, despite what has unfolded around her. The one thing that appeals the most to me about her is her positive attitude. Jazz is definitely an optimist, and always tries to think about the good outcome; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean she tries to mask the less favorable possibilities. She doesn’t ignore the unfortunate events that occur during the story, she acknowledges that horrible things happen, and deals with it.

I wanted Jazz to be one of the most noticeably expressive characters in Untamed; mainly, because she is mute. I wanted to show that she can overcome unimaginable obstacles, no matter how far she has to jump, or how hard the fall would hurt. Jazz is secretly very insecure throughout the series. I feel that I have failed to express this in all the pieces I have done before, which is depressing, because it’s all I ever really want to show about her.

I was aiming to communicate feelings so warmth and hope; a raw soupy wound being dressed tenderly and gently wrapped. Something I did not intend for readers to feel was sympathy. In fact, I was somewhat trying to avoid this. ‘Maybe by showing how positive and determined she is by her smiles and drawings, people will emulate her, and look up to her as a strong person, instead of sympathizing with her’, I thought. However, as I continued writing I discovered that what I had originally hoped to steer clear of might be unavoidable. So I decide I might as well plow right through it on a john deer tractor, at 67 miles per hour. I’ll give Jazz some obvious moments where I am practically waving signs and screaming at the audience ‘SYMPATHIZE NOW! SYMPATHIZE NOW! SYMPATHIZE DAMNIT!’ so that hopefully, other times she is ‘in the shot’ people will know not to…if that makes any sense at all.

[Hope this was interesting, or the slightest bit entertaining. Any more questions about Jazz? post in le comment box below, they are much appreciated.]


I know that I hardly update anymore, and I rarely update any other pages unless it’s absolutely unavoidable, so I hope that adding another page will give you guys more to look at too, because the sites not all that amazing…..even the theme’s boring…
Anyway, this page will feature a different various different characters that don’t get as much ‘screen time’ as other charters. It will probably include a little history or background, and more; speech habits, talents, weaknesses, height, birthday, pirates or ninjas, boxers or briefs-SO YEAH, it’ll all be here. I’ll change it whenever I feel like it really. A bio might be up for a week, maybe 4 weeks. It depends…Expect the first one to be out sometime in the next week or so.

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David [Forever Forgotten]


David is introduced in the story as the youngest of the older teens living at the house. He plays the role of the mother for the kids, and cooks most of the meals. Everyone pitches in generally, but the kitchen is David’s domain. He knows how to work around a busy atmosphere, becasue when he was younger helped out at his uncle’s ersteraunt bar before the war break out. He was supposed to stay for the summer and then his parents were to pick him up. However, there was an unfortunate turn of events, and his parents were caugth up in a suprise attack from the rebels. They were killed in the cross-fire.

David was then permanently taken in by his aunt and uncle, who loved and cared for him very much. He continued to help out around the house and in the kitchen, and started to pick up talents besides waiting tables. When he turned 12 he started helping out behind the bar, but only because his uncle trusted him not to take advantage of his surroundings; after all, David was a very kind and responsible young man.

When He was almost 13, the war spiraling further downward and dragging the world slowly with it. Bussiness slowed down, and after their food cabinets were broken into during the nighttime, they locked up essentials in vaults and safes, and hid the rest of the food from the resteraunt in concreate bunkers underground that were used for storage in the winter. His uncle and him still mixed drinks and prepared small meals to those who could afford it.