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Sweet Sixteen Spinoff Announcement

Woohoo! More Sweet Sixteen! (because I know that’s really what you want)

So guess what? I decided to start another spin off; What could possibly have been a more responsible decision at a crucial time in my life like this? 

This time, I’ve decided to do a small spin off comic thingy of My Sweet Sixteen, where different characters exist as little people, in their own place. The characters in these comics are ones that I decided to leave out of the main plot line, but love to much to drop completely. Also, I’m keeping them alive in the form of comics, because I feel these particular boys and girls are expressed better in drawings rather than in words.

The whole segment is basically just a bunch of short, funny, oneshot type comics all under the same series, with their own sub-titles for each individual comic. Their world, or their state of existence doesn’t matter; it’s, ‘this character and this character went to do this with each other and this happened’…if that makes any sense. For example: Lauren and Joey go the grocery store and discuss what different frozen pizzas and flavor ice cream to get; the name of the comic is “The Flavorful Adventure” (or something). They all live together in this underground network of tunnels and rooms, complete with everything from a swimming pool and a home-theatre to a pillow pit and a kitchen that bakes it’s own food; ironically enough, whatever you’re craving. Talk about living the dream. While some of the encounters will happen outside of their burrow, I intend to have most of the comics to take place somewhere inside their cozy doll-house type home. I will draw a layout or map for it and post an image later.

Wish me luck…


P.S. I’ve been having pains in my right arm due to using the computer so rigerously XD and therefore can not be on for long periods of time. Even still, I promise I will try to post more often. I have so much I’ve written on paper but just haven’t gotten to typing up yet. Next post will hopefully start either Sweet Sixteen or Forever Forgotten. See you soon! ;D


I Deserve to be Beaten Mercilessly…

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, and I’m ashamed it’s come to the point that I have to write one. It’s one of those sad cliché apology notices that users upload when they haven’t updated anything in months. It’s half apology, and half reassuring the audience you’re alive and well, just lazy.

My only excuse is a lousy one, and it’s the only one you see these days. Exaaaaams are here! and that means more studying…(“studying”). Really sorry that I’ve fallen behind, and I mean, WAY behind, on pretty much everything :/

I’m going to try super hard to update at least once a week, hopefully with small installments to a NEW STORY I’m starting (which is exactly what I need right now XD). I’m a huge shipper (mostly yaoi slash) and currently am working on a super secret project with my yaoi crazed friend. We’re shipping a friend of ours with other friends of ours, and it is so mischievous and fun. I won’t be posting it here, because if I did I would have to change the names of the people in the story, and I won’t do that for two reasons.

1, I hate changing the names in stories just to post it online; it takes away from part of the story, and

2, I’m too lazy to come up with new ones.

I hope that you have gathered some important facts about me from this informative post. I am lazy, a troublemaker, and I “study” for exams…basically, I have no motivation whatsoever. But still, I promise I will update somehow……eventually. I promise I will.

Until next time. (which might be a while)

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a decent 2011, as made the best of it, because it’s gone now. It’s 2012 baby! Which means resolutions. Here’s some of mine:

-updating at least once a week or once every 2 weeks
-being better about procrastination
-doing homework earlier
-trying harder in Spanish and biology, and studying 20 mins each night for each subject
-keeping my room clean
-not getting carpel tunnel
-exercising more
-stop biting my nails
-continue Japanese, and take up Korean or Russian

I hope that everyone makes the best of this year! Have a Happy New Year!

Last to Know – Three Days Grace

Last to Know
By Three Days Grace

She just walked away
Why didn’t she tell me?
And where do I go tonight?

This isn’t happening to me…
This can’t be happening to me

She didn’t say a word
Just walked away

You were the first to say
That we were not okay

You were the first to lie
When we were not alright

This was my first love
She was the first to go
And when she left me for you
I was the last to know

Why didn’t she tell me
Where to go tonight

She didn’t say a word
He just walked away

You were the first to say
That we were not okay

You were the first to lie
When we were not alright

This was my first love
She was the first to go
And when she left me for you
I was the last to know

*angst guitar solo with piano*

I’ll be the first to say
That now I’m okay
And for the first time
I’ve opened up my eyes

This was my worst love
You’ll be the first to go
And when she leaves you for dead
You’ll be the last to know

I’ll be the first to say
That now I’m okay

And for the first time
I’ve opening up my eyes

This was my worst love
You’ll be the first to go

And when she leaves you for dead
You’ll be the last to know…

I heard this song randomly on the radio and I immediately freaked out because it just spelled out the relationship between these sets of characters so plainly, that I wanted to cry. I thought it would help explain some characters and their relationship.

Okay, so let me introduce you to Bennett, and Anna, two characters from My Sweet Sixteen. Bennett, or ‘Benn’ for short is 16. She is gentle, kind, full of giggles and smiles, and is only shy the first time you meet her. She has an older brother and lives with him and their parents in an apartment. Bennett is more sheltered than Anna, not just in the sense of having a roof over he head (no pun intended). Bennett has a family, a house, a pet, normal friends who go to the mall on the weekends; all Anna has ever wished for. She has more limits set on her; curfew, boys, electronics, friends, school, those kinds I things. This is one of the reasons Bennett is drawn to Anna, she’s the doorway to a whole new world of thrills that she’s never been able to touch before. Anna’s the ‘bad boy’. She shows her the darker side of life; or, what Bennett calls, the true thrills and excitements of life. They don’t do drugs together; they don’t drink or steal. They go places, they see things together, they break rules and race along the beach. Bennett gets to feel alive riding with Anna on her motorcycle.

She calls Anna when things cave in, when she needs to get away, and get fresh air away from her pressured life at home. Anna tempts her adventurous side to emerge, as well as a side he has never known herself.

Bennett, who has never loved anyone, falls head over heals for her flamboyant , cocky, sneaky, unpredictable friend.

And it scares her. A lot.

She doesn’t understand why she likes a girl, and she doesn’t understand why Anna likes her back, ‘There’s nothing interesting about me, right?’ She goes along with the unpredictable flow of what seems to be; she goes along with Anna.

Anna loves Bennett with such a passion; she cares for her so much, you can’t imagine. It’s one of those annoying cliché romances, with my own little ‘angst knife’ twisted in.

You see, this whole lesbian thing doesn’t fly with Bennett, and she suddenly rejects herself as well as Anna, an goes through an inner struggle, extreme homophobia, and even a stage here she considers suicide; which Anna discovers, and is very alarmed about.

So, in a nutshell, Bennett and Anna were perfect and they loved each other, but Bennett freaked out and was all “DO NOT WANT!!!!” She then avoided being alone with Anna, and when they were with each other , she acted as If nothing had happened Between the two of them. Anna totally understood that she wanted space and didn’t have feelings for her anymore, but Anna still loved Bennett. She continues to love her FOREVER, and is always wishing for her happiness.

It is extremely painful for her to watch Bennett later fall in love with a different man, because even though she is happy for Bennett and her happiness, it still hurts.

:'( tear…..

‘She just walked away’
‘Why didn’t she tell me?’
‘And where do I go tonight?’

The song is from both of their perspectives. The overall sheer confusion, frustration and insecurity is overwhelming….wow…big words for me, all in one sentence too.

These lines are Anna speaking to herself. He is saying how she was stupid for overwhelming Bennett all of a sudden, and that’s why she didn’t tell her immediately that she didn’t feel the same way. She’s saying, that all of a sudden, she turned around, and ignored their previous relationship, expressing her feelings of regret and that she wanted to forget about everything. ‘And where do I go tonight?’ is quite literal, as she doesn’t have a true home. She sleeps around with her friends from the (motorcycle) shop, and in ware houses. It’s her way of saying, on top of worrying about this girl, and what’s going through her head, I don’t have a place to sleep tonight.

‘This isn’t happening to me…
This can’t be happening to me!’

This is Bennett being all angsty about having feelings for another girl, which is just wrong to her.

The last part of the song kind of works for Bennett and Anna, but only kind of. This is Anna saying that she should get over Bennett, trying to think badly of her for leading her on, and then suddenly rejecting her, but she can’t, Because she still loves her.

Still Eating Leftovers?

I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving. If you shared food with l the majority of your entire extended family (cousins and their husbands and children, brothers and sisters), then you will be eating leftovers for the next week and a half. Although the stuffing is delicious and the desserts are divine, I must be honest and say the week after thanksgiving is painful for me.
The ridiculously early christmas decorations being put up, screaming children, stressful early Christmas shopping, and sales. I hate sales. Sales these days aren’t even very special, as there is not one moment when their isn’t any sort of discount or deal in your average store. There is always an excuse to have a sale, and though you may be unaware, the price of say, a jacket, is usually raised before a sail; meaning, the price to begin with is higher than it should be. Over time, the sale price becomes the regular price. And so when the jacket is moved to the clearance, it is actually the price of what originally meant to be a regular marked down price for an average sale.

Happy Thanksgiving

Home Again, Home Again

Oh joy for 5:30 departures. I wake up to the chaos of the rest of my family frantically zooming through various sections of my house, packing things they had forgotten to set aside the night before. I think it is way to early to see my mom or dad, especially my sister. I don’t know how much longer I can bear all her constant updates regarding the weather in the city we are scheduled to land in.
We’ve made it past security and are now sitting at our terminal, waiting to board. Personally I like airports, and am used to them; mostly because I fly so often. When I think about it I realize how often me and my family flys places.
The voice has just told me that class R is boarding. Hi-ho.

Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

I walked down the hall moping and groaning inwardly.
I was sick. Again. My throat felt as cracked and dry as the sahara desert.
I was making my way to jade’s room to alert her I was going downstairs for water and medicine. As I had almost stepped around the corner into the view of her room, I heard hushed voices coming from behind the door of the room that Charlie and Mac shared.
“…I already told you it won’t hurt. Trust me, it will feel amazing…” I could hear Mac coaxing who I assumed was Charlie.
“…Are you sure?” Charlie’s voice was hesitant.
‘Why are they up so late, it’s almost 1:00 am…’
I unconsciously leaned towards the door, trying to make out their voices better.
“Last time we did it you said the same thing but it hurt.” Charlie continued still not completely convinced..
‘What are they talking about?…’
“I promise it will feel good his time; the first time you’re a always a little tense, everyone is.” Mac explained.
“Okay…As long as you promise to be more gentle this time…” I heard a rustle of bed sheets and could imagine Mac’s smile as I heard him reply.
“Of course. If it hurts then we can always stop, just say so.”
The bed creaked quietly and I heard faint moans from what I though was Charlie. Mac grunted once in a while, and Charlie groaned in reply.
I heard Charlie cry out suddenly, and the other boy immediately spoke.
“Does it hurt?”
“Yeah, I’m a little sore there.”
A moment of silence took place for a few seconds and the brunette asked his roommate another question.
“Is that better?”
“Mmmmm…” Charlie moaned once again. “Yeah, a little harder.”
At this point, I assumed that they were…well…you know… ‘pleasuring each other’ shall we say. The noises they were making as well as the dialogue, all pointed to the same conclusion.


What do YOU think they’re doing? XD Post in the comments and I’ll let you know, as well as post the rest of the story :3

On our way 2000

Walking into the airport now. It’s almost the perfect temperature, I’m sad to get on an airplane. When I get off in Boston it’s going to be below 40.



I’m in Maryland! Me and my friend who moved, Izzy, are going to animeusa together all day Saturday. I’m so exited, it’s going to be awesome! I plan on starting the day in the panels and in the hallway. Then I’ll take a stroll through the artists alley. For lunch, we’ll go to the maid cafe and afterwards hit the dealers room and maybe the game room and play some DDR or super smash bros. Finish the day with more panels, pocky, and crash after the rave. I’ll write about it if I remember it.